turquoise jewellery the december birthstone by London jeweller Maya MagalIf you're not already familiar with turquoise gemstones, the December birthstone, then let us introduce you. Vibrant and colourful, this azure blue gem has long been loved for its healing properties, believed to bring good fortune and repel negativity. The versatile stone also happens to look stunning set into both silver and gold jewellery. From solid gold December birthstone jewellery to turquoise charms designed with personalisation in mind, here's the pieces we'll be wearing and gifting throughout December and far beyond.

What is turquoise?

Turquoise is a gemstone known and loved for its sky blue to blue-green colour, dipped in all the shades of the ocean. The semi-precious stone has been sought after all over the world for centuries long and is traditionally known as the birthstone for December. This makes turquoise jewellery a popular gift to celebrate a birthday, milestone or special occasion taking place in the last month of the year. It's also known as the gem for the 11th wedding anniversary.

Why we love turquoise jewellery

  • Because of their vibrant, "Persian blue" colour, turquoise gems add a beautiful pop of colour to silver and solid gold jewellery pieces. 
  • Turquoise may be the December birthstone, but the versatile gem can be worn all year round in rings, earrings and charms. Turquoise is often associated with statement-making, summery and bohemian-inspired looks, featured in beaded bracelets and cabochon necklaces. We re-imagined this popular style and added a contemporary twist by pairing the gem with beautifully polished solid gold and sterling silver settings, simple and minimal in shape and design.
  • The stone is prized for its spiritual meaning, believed to inspire good fortune and cleanse negativity!

How to style turquoise jewellery 

Our collections are designed with wearability in mind, elevating the everyday with contemporary and effortless staples. Add a pop of vibrant blue to energise an understated look or neutral ensemble. The stone pairs beautifully with both light shades like white and nudes, and adds an interesting touch of detail to an all-black outfit. Instant sophistication! For more inspiration on how to style turquoise earrings, take a look at our piercing guide.

solid gold turquoise jewellery by London jeweller Maya Magal

Solid Gold Turquoise Jewellery

Our favourite turquoise jewellery pieces are by far our turquoise necklace and turquoise bracelet, both finely handcrafted in 9ct solid gold. As with all of our solid gold pieces, these designs came to life using 100% recycled gold and conflict-free gems sourced by Maya herself. Imbued with meaning, these december birthstone pieces make a beautiful, ever-lasting and sustainably-made gift for yourself or a loved one.

Shop our solid gold turquoise pieces.

turquoise jewellery by London jeweller Maya Magal

December Birthstone Gifts

If sterling silver and 18ct gold plated jewellery is more your thing, we have a beautiful range of turquoise jewellery pieces, designed with gifting in mind. Personalise your favourite layering chain with our organic turquoise charms, which come in silver and gold and add a stunning pop of colour to an everyday look. Each purchase comes with a unique card, detailing the gemstone and how to take care of it

Shop our sterling silver and gold plated turquoise jewellery.

Whatever the occasion, turquoise jewellery makes a beautiful gift to celebrate a milestone taking place in December, or to simply add a pop of blue to an everyday look. Looking for meaningful jewellery gifts? Have a look at our Personalised Jewellery Collection, including engravable jewellerypromise rings and zodiac charms
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turquoise jewellery the december birthstone by London jeweller Maya Magal
December 03, 2021

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