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Captivating and beautiful, the ruby gemstone is July’s birthstone. This type of precious gemstone can also be found in a selection of jewellery for celebratory occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries. To understand more about the ruby gemstone and when to give them as gifts, we have created a one stop guide for everything you need to know. From styling to learning the meaning behind the stone, fall in love with the scarlet colour and discover a new piece of jewellery with the help of our guide!

Table of Contents:

  • What is July’s Birthstone?
  • The 4 Precious Gemstones
  • Gift Ruby Gemstone Jewellery
  • Styling Ruby Gemstones

What is July’s Birthstone?

July’s birthstone is the vibrant red ruby gemstone. The captivating colour of this gem can often signify passion, love and success to the wearer, which is why this stone is a popular choice for gifts to loved ones. Made from the corundum family, rubies are traditionally associated as being the deep red colour we all know and love, but they can actually vary in tones. From a deep blood-red to an orange or pink-red, to be classed as a ruby it has to incorporate a red tone of some kind. When a corundum stone is any other colour, such as blue, yellow or pink it is classed as a sapphire

As one of the four precious gemstones, those born in the month of July can experience a ruby gemstone’s beauty in a range of jewellery to celebrate their birthday. Earrings, rings and necklaces are a selection of pieces on offer to those wanting to follow tradition. But this isn’t to say those born in other months can’t wear this beautiful stone too. In fact, it can often be seen that multiple months of the year have two precious or semi-precious gemstones associated with it. Whether you choose your own birthstone or not, ruby gemstones have a charming character which can remind the wearer of sentimental memories.  

The 4 Precious Gemstones

Ruby gemstones are one of four gems which make the cut to be classed as a precious gemstone. These valuable stones can be highly sought-after, which is why owning jewellery which incorporates one of these precious gemstones can be worth more than just sentimental memories. They can be beautifully set in a variety of metals including 9ct solid gold, 18ct solid gold and sterling silver. When we discuss coloured gemstones, they are often divided into precious and semi-precious stones. This is an accent tradition which was started to determine the rarity of the stones, and is a good indication as to which gemstones are of high-quality. Although many jewellers today believe this idea has now become commercialised. Alongside a ruby gemstone, the other three precious gemstones are:

Each one of these precious gemstones also represents a birth month. Diamonds are often associated as April’s birthstone, while emeralds are May’s birthstone and sapphires are linked to September. Whichever month your birthday falls in, you can enjoy a precious or semi-precious gemstone to celebrate.

ruby july birthstone jewellery by maya magal london uk

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Gift Ruby Gemstone Jewellery

Giving the gift of July’s birthstone can be sentimental and meaningful for not only the receiver of the gift but also for the gift giver too. As a precious gem, a ruby gemstone can mean more than just a birthstone, it can also represent a 40th wedding anniversary. Bracelets can make for the perfect gift which incorporates this high-valued gemstone, as it is an item of jewellery which can be easily worn for any occasion. Our Solid Gold Ruby and Circle Bracelet, captures the subtle elegance and sophistication of a ruby without showing off. It is this perfect balance which so many love, as they can wear their elegant bracelets throughout the morning, while catching up with friends or while attending an evening event. Whether you decide to give a ruby gemstone to a loved one, or treat yourself to a new jewellery piece, you can be sure that the scarlet tones will capture their heart!

ruby july birthstone jewellery styling

Styling Ruby Gemstones

As well as elegance, ruby gemstones promote the emotions of passion, desire and love, which is what makes them a perfect gemstone to wear throughout the year. Being a bold and vibrant colour, ruby gemstones can effortlessly take your look from day to night, by adding a touch of luxury to your style. If you prefer a natural everyday look, add a Ruby July Birthstone Organic Charm or a more subtle Ruby July Charm to your necklace or bracelet to a subtle sparkle to your daily outfit. When it comes to our ruby gemstone jewellery, do not be afraid to experiment with jewellery lengths and mixing metals. Whether you prefer fine sterling silver hoops, or a long solid gold necklace, finding your unique style with the help of a ruby gemstone is easy.

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July 01, 2021

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