Ring making workshops

Join us at the jewellers workbench to kickstart your creativity! All our workshops are led by our skilled in-house jewellers who are expertly trained to guide you through the process of creating your very own ring.

All of our workshops are hosted at our Coal Drop’s Yard location.

Wax ring carving workshop

In this workshop you will learn the ancient art of wax carving to create your very own ring. You can choose to create your own unique design or recreate one of our best selling rings.

This workshop is perfect for beginners as our skilled jewellers will guide you through each step of the process in a friendly and relaxed environment designed to inspire creativity.  


Wedding rings workshop

This workshop is the perfect hands-on experience for couples wanting to design and create their own bespoke wedding rings.

In this private workshop, our skilled jewellers will guide you and your partner through the process of creating your unique pair of rings. You can choose to hand make your design in either 925 sterling silver or 9ct solid gold, in a variety of different widths and shapes.


What our customers say...

“Wonderful experience, Raven, the jeweller, was amazing”

“Loved every aspect, very knowledgable staff”

“The jewellers were really helpful, friendly and easy going” 

“I had the best day, Raven was very informative and patient”


Get inspired by past designs...

Icons with services (replating, free polish, repairs)