Silver & Gold Earrings to Stand Out from the Crowd

Earrings can add a subtle touch of glamour to any outfit effortlessly. With a choice of solid gold, sterling silver or gold plated silver, you are sure to find a design to reflect your style perfectly. Match your current pieces with your new jewellery or for a contemporary twist try mixing metals. Silver and gold earrings complement each other well and can create a unique stack in your ear. Try it for yourself with our everyday hoop earrings!

Earrings with the Four Precious Gemstones   

What better way to add a touch of colour to your favourite outfit than with precious gemstones. Our collection of stud earrings feature diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Each cut is unique and can hold sentimental meaning to the wearer.

Sentimental Birthstone Earrings  

Birthstone jewellery can make a sentimental gift for yourself or a loved one you cherish. Complete their jewellery box with a pair of birthstone earrings. Each month of the year is assigned a precious or semi-precious gemstone which gets crafted into beautiful pieces. Partner these with handmade ear cuffs or necklaces to show you truly care.

About Maya Magal 

Maya Magal is a contemporary jewellery brand that designs and crafts each piece by hand in small, limited runs. Discover our selection of rings, bracelets, wedding rings and engagement rings.