Hello Silver Lovers!
Stand out of the crowd with our above-industry-standards 925 sterling silver pieces. Whether it is to make a statement or mix with gold jewellery, our sterling silver collection will give all your looks a contemporary, sophisticated and graceful touch. It's ideal as a present, a statement item, or to mix and match.

How to perfectly mix and match
Whether you want to elevate your style or just for fun, it is undeniable that silver and gold are a match made in heaven. Make a bold statement and go for a contemporary look! Stacking bracelets is a simple trick to include metal mixing. You can combine tiny or chunkier pieces to reflect your unique style with these sorts of bracelets!

About Maya Magal
Maya Magal is a contemporary jewellery brand based in London. Our skilled jewellers exceptionally handcraft each item of jewellery in small, special edition runs. In-store and online, browse our variety of bespoke rings, hoop earrings, and personalised charms.