What are promise rings and how should you wear them? by Maya Magal jewellery London

Maybe the idea of proposing with an engagement ring feels a bit too soon to you, maybe you're in a position where you can't yet afford the ring of your partner's dreams, or maybe you're simply looking for a special piece of jewellery to give to your long-distance lover. Sounds familiar? Whichever the meaning behind it, promise rings are a beautiful way to express a promise or commitment to a loved one. From what they symbolise to which finger to wear them on, we're telling you everything you always wanted to know about promise ring etiquette...

What are promise rings and what do they symbolise?

As the name suggests, promise rings are given to symbolise a promise or commitment. Often this is given between couples as a commitment to their love, but we've also had customers come in looking for a promise ring to symbolise a strong friendship or to represent a pledge to themselves. Just like engagement rings, they're a beautiful, special and meaningful piece of jewellery that tells a story about its wearer. 
What are promise rings and how should you wear them by Maya Magal London
Between couples, promise rings are often given to symbolise the promise of a future engagement. Couples may just not be quite ready for marriage, they feel too young or are in a situation where they can't afford an engagement ring. Or maybe they've just moved in together or have some time apart for work, and want to express their commitment to one another. Expressing your love and commitment by gifting your partner a beautiful promise or pre-engagement ring is a beautiful way to tell your unique story with a handcrafted piece of jewellery. 

Couples who are planning to get engaged in the future would visit our stores and choose one of our beautiful, off-the-shelf promise rings with the intention of coming back to design a bespoke engagement ring together. 
What are promise rings and how should you wear them? Sapphire cluster promise ring by London jeweller Maya Magal

What does a promise ring look like?

Traditionally, promise rings are slightly smaller than engagement rings, featuring a smaller diamond or gemstone. Because of their more subtle appearance, they're often also lower in price. Promise rings don't need to be physically different than engagement rings, though, and they can be just as beautiful and unique!

As promise rings are very personal, they can be made in different materials and featuring different stones. Our off-the-shelf promise rings are made by hand using 9ct solid gold and precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires. Baguette, round and princess cut gemstones are popular choices, so are cluster rings. As for the setting, most people would go for a traditional bezel setting, providing protection for the stone and giving the promise ring a sleek, modern appearance.

When it comes to promise rings, there's really no rules, so we'd recommend you to just go for whatever ring you like most.
oval emerald promise ring by London jeweller Maya Magal


Can you propose with a promise ring?

You can definitely propose with a promise ring! Whether you're giving your partner a promise ring prior to proposing with an engagement ring, or you're not planning on getting married but still want to have this very special moment together, the process of proposing could be more or less the same. Plan something special, make your partner feel loved, maybe prepare a little speech, take them to their favourite place, give them the ring and tell them the promise it symbolises. There's no reason why a promise ring proposal should be any less spectacular than an engagement!

If you're proposing with a promise ring with the intention of also proposing with an engagement ring later, it increases the excitement in your future spouse. They get to design or choose their own engagement ring, and what’s more special than going to pick out or design your engagement ring together to start the new chapter of your life? 

For now though, get in touch and we can help to get you sorted with a promise ring or proposal ring to help you get planning that special moment!

small diamond promise rings handmade by maya magal jewellery london uk

What finger does a promise ring go on?

A promise ring usually goes on the “ring finger” which, for the UK, is the fourth digit on the left hand. The ring finger is thought to have been chosen because this finger is believed to have a vein that runs directly to the heart. 
If an engagement ring comes along in the future, the promise ring is often moved over to the same finger on the opposite hand. However, a promise ring can be worn alongside a wedding band or engagement ring, and therefore you can coordinate the style with those rings. 

Promise Rings from Maya Magal, Handmade in London

Our collection of 9ct and 18ct solid gold rings includes some styles that are perfect to be worn as promise rings. From our delicately designed Rose Gold 5 Diamond Pavé Ring to our modern, beautifully textured Solid Gold Etched Ring, these hand-crafted designs can mean exactly what you want them to. When it does come to an engagement after, they can be worn for the every day as a versatile stacking ring.

What are promise rings and how should you wear them? By Maya Magal London Jewellery

Prefer something entirely unique? We have a selection of hand-crafted promise rings available, all finely crafted in 9ct or 18ct solid gold using precious stones like sapphires and diamonds. Of course, we can also design a bespoke piece for you. We even work with rings you may already have and help to repurpose stones and update pieces to suit your personal style.
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If you're looking for a contemporary spin on the classic promise ring, we have a carefully curated selection of rings to choose from. Have a look at our Promise Rings Collection, all hand-crafted in our Islington workshop, or visit us in one of our 3 London stores. 
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July 08, 2021

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