The MM Foundation

Our mission is to provide a platform to nurture new creative talent and we are delighted to announce the launch of our 2023 initiative,
The Maya Magal Foundation.

What is the
MM Foundation?

The MM Foundation offers new jewellery makers a pathway into the industry,
whilst working as part of a professional jewellery team.

With training and access to workshop facilities, each jeweller is given the opportunity to hone their skills in a live and creative environment. The 2023 MM Foundation exhibition will showcase six upcoming jewellers throughout the year.

Each jeweller has created a limited edition design, available exclusively to purchase in our Coal Drops Yard store, with 100% of the profits going directly back to the jeweller.



Store manager & operations assistant

Megan likes to engage with modern concepts and expressions within the framework of traditional jewellery craftsmanship. Her work focuses on the historical significance of signet rings, which have long been powerful symbols of identity and social status, their engravings often authenticating important documents and correspondences.

Part of a series called "You Are What You Eat" her "English Breakfast Ring" is a signet ring for the present age, exploring evolving ideas of identity and inviting viewers to contemplate the metamorphosis of the phrase "You Are What You Eat," originally a means of food judgment, into a playful exploration of personal identity.

  • 925 sterling silver
  • Price: £195

Available exclusively in our Coal Drop's Yard store.




Tan is fascinated with kinetic jewellery, which can be worn and played with. To add both interest and a sense of playfulness, through this piece she creates a narrative between two sides of the wearer’s face.


  • Diamonds
  • Sterling silver

Available exclusively in our Coal Drop's Yard store.


Maya Magal mentorship

In 2022 Maya partnered with Two Chicks as a mentor for The Future Female Entrepreneur initiative. Future Female Entrepreneur aims to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs and to help ensure that more UK businesses are created and led by women.

In a range of engaging initiatives, Future Female Entrepreneur empowers entrepreneurial young women with skills, connections and confidence to help enable them to start their own businesses.

"I was fortunate enough to be matched with Maya as my mentor. She helped me when I couldn't grasp something and taught me everything there is to know about the jewellery industry...With her assistance and understanding, I truly think I have gained the necessary skills to launch a successful business. It was a fantastic experience!"

- Jasmine Sandouk (newly launching as Inti Jewellery)