Sapphire Jewellery

Our sapphire jewellery collection features the most beautiful and elegant sapphire necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Each piece is individually handmade in 9ct solid gold, featuring striking blue or white sapphires. These gemstones capture the light and radiate a sense of luxury to those who wear them. 

Sapphire Jewellery Birthstone Collections 

Birthstone jewellery represents the uniqueness of a birth month by assigning a semi-precious or precious gemstone to each calendar month. Representing the birthstone for September, these delicate sapphire jewellery pieces make meaningful gifts. Our birthstone charms are the perfect gift to give to loved ones for birthdays or special celebrations to congratulate them on any achievement. They will be sure to think of you when they glance at their jewellery.   

Make Your Next Gift Unique

Make your next thoughtful gift unique by incorporating charms into your gift. You can add zodiac charms, alphabet initial charms or even engraved jewellery pendants. Whichever type of charms you decide to give, add one of our fine chain necklaces so they can keep it close to their heart and think of you always. 

About Maya Magal

Handcrafting each piece in London, Maya Magal is a modern jewellery brand that designs each item beautifully. Our sapphire jewellery collection is no exception! We are able to provide exceptional jewellery thanks to our team of skilled artisan jewellers. Applying a range of traditional techniques, they create pieces such as our bangles, ear cuffs and pearls. These methods ensure we have a collection you will adore!