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Besides being one of Maya's personal favourite gemstones, emeralds are also the birthstone for the month of May. This year, more than ever, our team is swooning over this bright green precious stone, eager to find new ways to style it with our favourite everyday pieces. Emeralds have been a popular choice amongst jewellery lovers and gemstone enthusiasts for many years now, and now that Maya has designed a dazzling new collection of Solid Gold Gemstone Jewellery, including that Emerald & Drop Charm Necklace our team just can't get enough of, we're so very excited to share our styling tips on how to add a touch of lush green to your everyday looks!
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What Makes Emeralds so Popular?

First of all, let's talk a bit about what makes this precious stone so popular. We are after all jewellers and designers, and love to nerd about our favourite gemstones and metals every now and then! Along with diamonds, rubies and sapphires, emeralds are classified as « precious stones », referring to their rarity and high value. Ever wondered why the prices of our Silver and Gold Plated Birthstone Charms differ from one another? Exactly, some of these charms are made with precious stones, like the Emerald Birthstone Charm, whilst others feature semi-precious stones like garnet and amethyst.

Besides their high value and rarity, another reason why emeralds are some of the most sought after stones is the fact that the May birthstone is very versatile in terms of colour options. In other words, not all emeralds have the exact same green colour, their tones range from that very saturated, rich green to more muted, lighter and even pastel greens. Generally, those emeralds with that rich, beautifully intense green colour (and that signature sparkle!) are of the highest value. Our new Solid Gold Birthstone Collection is entirely handcrafted in our Islington workshop, featuring the most beautiful, sparkling emeralds. 
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How to Style Your Emerald Jewellery?

Emeralds evoke a feeling of freshness and new beginnings, making them the perfect stone to start wearing in Spring. Combined with high shine gold and silver, they create a luxurious and eye-catching jewel, perfect to add a dash of glam to an evening look. If you're drawn to more natural looking jewellery, however, you'll love our selection of Rough Stones Emerald Jewellery. Because of the stone's striking colour, it makes an excellent statement piece to wear on its own. Both the Emerald Ring and our Emerald Studs are loved by our customers and team because they effortlessly add a touch of detail to your looks, being the perfect stand-out piece that's equally easy to style for different occasions.

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When it comes to our Emerald Charms, our team recommends mixing and matching these with your favourite geometric pendants and experimenting with necklace lengths and styles. Remember to not be afraid to mix metals, the combination of a pair of Gold Emerald Charms on our Silver Charm Hoop Earrings makes such a dreamy combo!
emerald jewellery by maya magal london uk
Gold Emerald Charm on Charm Hoop Earrings  | Gold Emerald Disc Charm  | Silver Emerald Charm


May Birthday Gifts

Did you know Emeralds are believed to bring vitality and good health? In Ireland in particular the stone is believed to be very meaningful, and all over the world people born in May wear Emeralds to celebrate their birth month. Needless to say, emerald necklaces, rings and bracelets make a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one born in May. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to styling our Charm Collection, which also includes Zodiac Charms and Initial Charms that all beautifully match with both our Silver, Gold Plated and Solid Gold Emerald Jewellery.
Feeling inspired to treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful piece of emerald jewellery? Have a look at the full collection now!
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May 13, 2021

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