Solid Gold Earring Collection

Our collection of solid gold earrings include our popular solid gold hoops and our dainty solid gold studs. Elegant and versatile, the solid gold earrings are perfect for every occasion. Explore the full range to find your next favourite pair! 

Looking After Solid Gold Earrings

Solid gold earrings are created using the most valuable and long lasting form of metals. The name "solid gold" refers to gold alloyed or mixed with other metals, to create a material that's strong, durable and easy to care for. When cared for in the right way, this metal can allow jewellery to last a lifetime without fading, tarnishing or losing its value. Solid gold jewellery can be worn on an everyday basis, making it the metal of choice for wedding rings and engagement rings.

Gold Unisex Collections

Solid gold earrings are not exclusive to just one gender. We believe everyone should shine in gold which is why our unisex collection features solid gold hoops, solid gold bracelets and solid gold rings that are perfect for all.   

About Maya Magal

Maya Magal is a British jewellery brand which handcrafts and designs each item of jewellery to a high-quality finish. To reach these high standards our skilled team applies a range of traditional techniques to our small batched collections. These include our ear cuffs, grey diamond rings, and charms. Choose your next solid gold piece with Maya Magal.