Unisex Jewellery

Our unisex collection is carefully curated to be enjoyed by all genders. Our timeless contemporary items instantly add personality and elegance to any ensemble. This collection will not disappoint, whether it's with simple and classy items like the solid gold lava hoop earrings or our signature lava ear cuff.

Our compromise with the environment

Our fundamental aim is to ensure that no jewellery is ever thrown away, which is why our designs are created with wearability in mind, allowing them to be worn for many years. Reducing waste and working with high-quality, long-lasting materials are important aspects of our journey toward a more sustainable future.

About Maya Magal

Maya Magal is a London-based contemporary jewellery brand. Each piece of jewellery is meticulously handcrafted in small, limited edition runs by our experienced jewellers. Browse our selection of bespoke rings, paper chain bracelets, and heirloom collection in-store and online.