Everyday jewellery

Whether you go for sterling silver or gold, or a combination of both, every wardrobe should contain a set of basic, daily jewellery. Discover our everyday jewellery, perfect to compliment your office looks, your park strolls and your afternoon coffee dates.


Create your set of Everyday Jewellery

A set of jewellery that is comfortable, contemporary and that suits your personality is a must-have. Whether you're working in the office or from home, or getting ready for dinner with friends, the right selection can elevate your look to full potential. The possibilities are endless: from stacked gold chains and hoop earrings to delicate bracelets and stackable rings.


About Maya Magal

Our team of expert jewellers at our London studio designed and handcrafted our contemporary luxury jewellery. Discover our range of solid gold jewellery, contemporary engagement rings, and everyday personalised jewellery. Ideal for layering and stacking to suit any occasion, whether you are dressing up or down.