"...Slowness doesn’t refer to how long it takes to design or do something. Rather, it describes an expanded state of awareness, accountability for daily actions, and the potential for a richer spectrum of experience for individuals and communities." Slowlab, New York. 

Whether Maya is working on a new silver collection or designing a bespoke diamond ring, her design process is engaging and reflective. From our fine jewellery collection to our everyday silver jewellery, she draws inspiration from the people surrounding her, her friends, loved ones, or simply strangers passing by in the street. Envisioning these people and their everyday activities initiates a truly creative and personal design process, which we believe is what sets us apart as a jewellery brand.

When the spark of inspiration strikes, Maya starts sketching out her ideas by hand, before bringing them to our creative team and makers in Islington. Once the designs are ready, the whole team gets involved to test-wear and engage with the new pieces before we share them with our customers. 

When new designs come to life, these are made in small, limited runs. Quality over quantity is one of the brand's principles. This is reflected not only in Maya's designs but in the materials we choose to work with. Yes, let's admit...we are a little bit obsessed with materials, you'll often find us nerding about a precious lump of gold, or an exciting grey diamond Maya has sourced. But can you blame us?

Good quality material is at the forefront of Maya's jewellery. Our London based jewellers, Jasmine and Yasmin, are lucky enough to spend their days working with these beautiful and sustainable materials. Every piece is made by hand, and we hope that this quality craftsmanship is reflected in our jewellery. After all, it's what makes us unique.

When a collection eventually comes to an end, nothing goes to waste. Any unsold or damaged jewellery is melted down, re-used or recycled while Maya is at the bench dreaming up something new.

Ever wondered what the reason might be that jewellery is one of the most common pieces to inherit or pass down? It's that combination between sentimentality and quality. Jewellery is often associated with special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, and it has always been one of the most popular gifts to express one's love.

As a jewellery designer, there's nothing that excites Maya more than someone choosing one of her designs to capture a special day. Years later, it might be passed down to the next generation, so the story goes on. And if the piece, whether rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, falls in the hands of someone who wants something that's just a little bit different, they might bring it back to our workshop and upcycle its precious stone or metal for a new, exciting design. Yes, jewellery really lasts forever. 

So when it comes to design, Maya keeps the whole lifecycle of a piece in mind... the before, during and after, ensuring every piece that leaves our workshop is a considered design.
January 29, 2021

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