We are so excited to launch our collaboration with Sketchy Muma's, Anna Lewis, and we do we want you to get to know Anna a little better...

Hello I am Anna Lewis, an illustrator from Cornwall. I draw pictures about motherhood and human relationships.I would say my brand really is about distilling emotions into pictures and words.

Tell us about how you started 'Sketchy Muma'?

Before Sketchy Muma I illustrated children's books but when I had my daughter I wanted to be at home with her. I started Sketchy Muma as a personal project to document the highs and lows of first time motherhood. I wanted to remember it all so I could give my daughter the pictures and writing if she ever became a mum one day as I think you forget so much. Luckily my agent found me and helped me get my pictures published into a book!

Where does your inspiration come from for your drawings?

In the beginning most of Sketchy Muma was me drawing in real time about my day to day life of being a stay at home mum with my daughter, so it was all inspired by our daily life together. As my drawings have evolved I have started to be influenced by nature and seasons a lot as well . I love the way the natural world teaches us so much about the ebb and flow of life and I find it hugely comforting.

What is your most popular or best-selling sketch?

By far and away my most popular print is "How Could I Have Ever Not Known You" which is on the back cover of my book.

Where is your favourite place to sit and dream up new designs?

I have a little shepherds hut studio at an eco park, and to me it is pure heaven! It is really cosy with fairy lights and teacups and a little wood burner. It is my seven year old's dream den! I also always visit the beach to reboot and find my centre. 

What's your everyday jewellery look?

I love big hoop earrings and quirky necklaces, many of which have splashes of turquoise or hot pink.

Tell us about your favourite piece of jewellery you own?

A little bracelet that my daughter made me out of some beads and shells. That is what I love about jewellery, it has a very powerful emotional connection to it.

What was your inspiration behind the Maya Magal x Sketchy Muma designs?
I love the elegance and simplicity of Maya's designs. Many of my sketches are very simple and minimal, and I think part of the creative power is being able to distill a picture or object down to the pure essence of what the mood or emotion you are trying to evoke.

I thought it would be exciting to translate some of my simple drawings into Mays's beautiful jewellery and I have really loved working together!

How are you staying positive during lockdown?
Peaks and troughs! 
The home schooling is a lot more time consuming this time and it is a real juggle fitting work around that and keeping all the plates spinning.
My daughter is doing a lot of "business studies" which translates as putting stickers on envelopes for me for pocket money!
We are lucky that we can walk down to the beach most days for an hour and breathe in some expanse of sea air which really helps reset body and mind.

Nature always helps me see we are more than this moment in time.

A message to all your lovely followers and fans of your artwork?

Thanks so much for supporting me on my creative journey so far! I have lots of new projects in the pipeline this year which I hope you all find soothing and uplifting!

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January 28, 2021


Robin Penrose

Robin Penrose said:

Could not be more proud of you sis. Rx

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