Tom & Elizah's Bespoke Ring Story
blue sapphire engagement ring
❤️ How did you both meet?
We met about 5 years ago in Oxford in a pretty dingy bar. Eliza was a student at the time and I went up to her and asked if she'd buy me a drink...
blue sapphire engagement ring
❤️ Tell us a little something about the proposal...
I proposed to Eliza in Main Street Park in Brooklyn. I had planned to do it there as it has one of the most spectacular views of the New York skyline. The whole day the ring was burning a hole in my backpack and I was so paranoid about losing it. That evening we were surprised by my brother and his fiance at an amazing restaurant in Manhattan. They had planned to surprise us that evening by turning up unannounced, but had no idea I was going to propose that day. It was serendipitous and we all celebrated the engagement together in style!
❤️ What inspired the design for your ring?
I knew that Eliza would want something elegant and simple. So the brief was a timeless, simple, elegant and modern ring with a single sapphire and diamonds. Ella suggested the idea of a marquise cut, which gave the ring an art-deco feel that I really liked. It gave it a classic look whilst still looking contemporary and simple.
engagement ring in blue sapphire
❤️ How was your experience designing your ring together with the Maya Magal team?
It was great, Ella came up with some great idea and was able to interpret my brief really well.
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April 15, 2020