💍Matthew & Jess Ring Story...

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❤️ How did you both meet?

💬 We met through friends (the old fashioned way)! I was living in Manchester at the time with my brother Jonny, and his girlfriend, Kasha, and two other friends of mine. Jess is best friends with Kasha so i'd known her for a while, then she used to come and hang out when we had parties, etc. So we were friends first, then I decided to move back home for a bit (where Jess still lived) which is where we got together, and then we moved to London! 
P.S. Jonny and Kasha also got married last year and I was best man and Jess was maid of honour, so we really have kept it in the family! :)

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❤️ Tell us a little something about the proposal...

💬 Soooo... As Nathan will tell you it was meticulously planned from start to finish! haha. No, I'd had it in mind to propose for a while and it was just the ring we couldn't decide on. I asked Jess if she wanted to choose it but she couldn't find anything she fell in love with, so she shared a bunch of ideas with me on Pinterest and Instagram and after quite some searching I decided that I would have to go bespoke. I reached out to a few places but Nathan was really great and keen to help me create something special so we started with those initial ideas and went from there! As for the proposal, well we went to Paris last summer and absolutely loved it so I knew from then it would have to be there. So I booked a surprise trip for Jess' birthday weekend and we stayed in a hotel with a view of the tower. I ordered breakfast to the room in the morning and proposed with the tower as my backdrop!

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❤️ What inspired the design for your ring?

💬 Jess likes the peculiar and is particularly fond of unusual shapes and silhouettes so I always knew it wasn't a regular design she was after. A couple of the designs she shared were diamond-shaped so I wanted to incorporate that, and then yellow gold with a white diamond was also on the must-have list. Once we decided on the shape it was then just which diamonds would compliment it the best and I liked the sparkle of the centre diamond and the other 6 diamonds added something extra. Turns out 7 is Jess' lucky number as well, I knew that of course ;)

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❤️ How was your experience designing your ring together with the Maya Magal team?
💬 It was really interesting to see the bespoke design process from start to finish and to have been part of it does make the ring extra special to us. I was worried throughout that I'd totally mess it up but Jess was totally made up with it so I'd recommend it to anyone. Everybody has commented on the ring and said it's so Jess, so I guess that's the important thing, I've helped create a ring that's totally unique to her, and she's keen to preserve the patent! Thanks to Nathan for all his hard work and patience with me along the way!
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April 15, 2020