💍 This 18ct White Gold ring with a stunning oval grey diamond paired with a high polished, flat band. To make the paired wedding band special it has a little diamond set on the inside - swipe for details! We caught this beauty when it came in for a re-polish and asked the couple for S&J's Ring Story...
grey diamond engagement ring
🖤 Sophie, how did you meet? 
On Tinder! Jonny was actually my first date, so a resounding success in my eyes!
Grey Diamond Engagement Ring
🖤 Tell us a little something about the proposal...
Jonny took me away on a surprise trip and I had no idea where we were going until we got to the airport. We fly to Wengen in Switzerland which is where Jonny has been skiing since he was very young. We went for dinner on the first night and then had a walk into the mountains in the snow. It was only lit up by stars, and then Jonny pretended to fall in the snow and asked me to hold something and pressed it into my hand. I opened my hand and the ring was sparkling away!
engagement ring
🖤 Jonny, what inspired the design for your ring?
Sophie has always given me an idea what she would have wanted, but Maya knew these exact details better than I did! I took my time sourcing the right main stone, and then built around that. I had a diamond brooch from my grandmother that I really wanted to incorporate in some way, so we ended up including three small diamonds on either side of the main stone. I was really happy with the results; it’s truly a stunning ring.
engagement ring
🖤 How was your experience designing your ring?
Brilliant! It was a couple of years ago now, so I really only worked with Maya directly which was amazing. I think I was quite indecisive at times, but she steered me in the right direction!