💍 We sat down with Sophie and Jonny who wanted a bespoke grey diamond engagement ring and so designed it with us. They came in to get their personalised white gold ring polished, and we asked them a bit more about the ring, the grey diamond, and their bespoke experience.

The Personalised White Gold Ring

grey diamond engagement ring
The ring is an 18ct White Gold ring which features a stunning oval grey diamond with a high polished, flat white gold band. The personalised white gold ring has a central oval grey diamond, set with 4 prongs, with three smaller diamonds in a pavé setting within the white gold ring on either side of the oval. To make the wedding band go alongside it, we added a little diamond set on the inside.

More details about the grey diamond engagement ring

Oval diamonds can be dated back to the 1300s, but they don’t appear by name in literature until the 1800s. This ring has an oval grey diamond, rather than a traditional white diamond.

The oval cut grey diamond displays great brilliance and fire and may also appear larger than another cut of the same carat. The oval diamond is a versatile cut and can look great in many different settings. How elongated or rounded your oval cut is depends on what you’re looking for. Either way, we think this cut was a great choice for this grey diamond engagement ring!

Like the look of grey diamonds? We have a blog post all about grey diamonds and how they are made. Be sure to check it out and scrub up on your knowledge! 

The pavé setting is similar to the channel setting except the jeweller will most likely drill holes into the band or shank in order to place the diamonds in. Then tiny beads of mini prongs of metal are formed to hold them securely in place. The effect is one continuous sparkle. This setting can be used on the band featuring a larger central stone, like it is on this personalised white gold ring, or along the whole band. 

The pavé diamonds add to the sparkle of the grey diamond engagement ring, and the oval shape allows for the fire and brilliance of the diamond to really showcase itself. 

We love this grey diamond engagement ring, keep reading for more about the design process and their engagement story. Like the look of how unique this grey diamond engagement ring is? Shop our already made, one-of-a-kind grey diamond rings and see if you can find something perfect for you.

The Design Process

Sophie had always given Jonny an idea of what kind of ring she might have wanted, but Maya knew these exact details better than he did! 

Jonny took his time sourcing the right main stone, found the grey diamond, and then built around that. He also had a diamond brooch from his grandmother that he really wanted to incorporate in some way. So, with Maya, they ended up including three small diamonds from the brooch on either side of the main grey diamond. 

Jonny was really happy with the results; saying “It’s truly a stunning ring!”

Grey Diamond Engagement Ring

How was the Bespoke Experience?

“Brilliant! It was a couple of years ago now, so I really only worked with Maya directly which was amazing. I think I was quite indecisive at times, but she steered me in the right direction!” – Jonny. 

At Maya Magal, we like to make sure every bespoke piece truly is special. We were thrilled to work with Jonny to capture the essence of Sophie within the personalised white gold ring, as well as tie in some family heritage into their story as well.

We love the experience of creating something entirely unique or capturing a special moment in a customer's life. All bespoke pieces are handmade to your wishes and requirements by our jewellers in our Islington workshop.

How did they meet?

On Tinder! Believe it or not, Jonny was Sophie’s first ever date. We call that a raging success!

Clearly this special relationship needed a truly special grey diamond engagement ring to take their love to the next chapter. We are so glad that Jonny chose us to help add some magic into that memorable moment!

engagement ring

🖤 About the proposal.

Jonny took Sophie away on a surprise trip and she had no idea where they were going until they arrived at the airport!

They fly to Wengen in Switzerland, which is where Jonny has been skiing since he was very young. They went for dinner on the first night and then had a walk into the mountains in the snow under the stars!

Jonny pretended to fall in the snow and asked Sophie to hold something and then he pressed the personalised white gold ring into her hand. Sophie opened her hand, and the ring was there, with that grey diamond sparkling away!

engagement ring

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April 16, 2020