Across our website and social media channels, we often talk about grey diamonds and how much we love designing and handcrafting grey diamond engagement rings. But what exactly are grey diamonds, and how different are they from white diamonds?

What are grey diamonds?

Here at Maya Magal, our grey diamonds, or "salt and pepper" diamonds as they are also known, have a mixture of many black and white inclusions, which combine to give the diamonds a speckled silky grey look.

Inclusions are formed at the very beginning of a diamonds life. As diamonds form within the earth, under extreme heat and pressure, other crystals or minerals may get intertwined with this process, creating the small imperfections inside of grey diamonds. Almost all diamonds have some form of inclusion, but they are usually so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Our grey diamonds include large and visible inclusions that make each one completely individual with their unique and beautiful appearance.

Grey Diamond Features

Maya enjoys sourcing and designing with grey diamonds as each one is different and unique. The inclusions form abstract patterns and shapes, making them an interesting alternative to the classic white diamond. Their smokey, modern look has become popular among those who want a ring that stands out from the crowd.

The shade of grey really depends on the number of inclusions within the diamond. Some have a very speckled appearance, others are much smoother; some are very dark, almost black, while others can almost look creamy and white. Grey diamonds also don't have the same sparkle as a brilliant-cut white diamond. This is due to less light being able to refract through their speckled interior.

Grey diamonds come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, with most of them being rose cut. The rose cut is a timeless shape featuring a flat back with a faceted cut top. This is ideal for salt and pepper style diamonds as it maximises the surface area to show off all there grey, speckled glory.

Grey Diamonds vs White Diamonds

Unlike white diamonds, grey diamonds do not follow the 4C's; cut, clarity, colour, carat. Their appeal is the rough-cut, irregular rawness, inherently throwing the diamond grading system out of the window. This doesn't mean that grey diamonds are not valuable, after all, they are still diamonds, but it does mean you tend to pay more for a flawless, white diamond with little to no inclusions, as they are more prestigious and rare. 

How to purchase one (or more) of these beauty's...

Every few months, Maya sources a unique selection of conflict-free, grey diamonds. She uses a handful of these to design beautiful one-of-a-kind diamond rings.

The remaining are left untouched for our customers to browse. If any catch your eye, you can work with Nathan on a completely bespoke piece. Discover our bespoke service.


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February 04, 2021

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