At Maya Magal, we specialise in unique jewellery and unusual engagement rings. We create pieces that are individually designed to be one of a kind. This means we can mix your individual style with beautifully bespoke, handcrafted jewellery.

Here is a story about just one of the unusual engagement rings we have created for a client looking for that individual, bespoke experience.

Sarah and Marks Kite Diamond Ring

Sarah and Mark are special friends of Maya’s. When Mark asked us if we could create a bespoke unusual engagement ring for Sarah, we were so excited to help. After all, bespoke jewellery is what we do.

Diamond engagement ring bespoke London jewellery

We love the experience of creating something unique and capturing our client’s individual style and personality in their jewellery.

Every time someone comes to us, we try to understand the style and personality of the wearer. Then we can make them the perfect ring with the help of their partner. 

For Sarah’s ring, Mark wanted something unusual. He knew the type of rings she liked, and so brought those ideas to Maya. It is important for our bespoke service that you know what kind of unusual engagement ring your partner might want. This helped the design process because Mark had an idea of what Sarah might want. 

Mark chose the diamond and along with Maya, they designed the ring.

The Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is an unusual, creative design with a kite shaped diamond in a six prong setting. It also has a smaller uncut diamond on a rose gold band. We love the unusual shape and setting of this ring. It really highlights the individual client and she now has a one of a kind ring.

Diamond create unusual engagement ring bespoke London jewellery


In ‘the bride to be’ words

What really matters though, is what Sarah thinks of the ring. Read what she thought in her own words:

Mark designed the ring with Maya and chose the diamond himself. He had seen the types of rings I liked which were a bit more unusual and so they designed this beautiful ring. 

I also inherited my grandma's wedding ring, which Maya cleaned up for me and which matches perfectly my engagement ring. Fate! Mark or Maya had never seen my grandma's ring before so the fact that these rings fit so beautifully together makes it even more special for me. Maya added a couple of diamonds to my grandma’s ring too. 

As I wasn't involved, I think it’s amazing how Maya can get an understanding of the woman's personality and style to create such a personal piece of jewellery.

We are so happy that Sarah loves her ring. We loved being a part of her special moment with Mark.

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The Proposal

Sarah and Mark met online over seven years ago. Sarah says it didn’t start out that romantic. So, Mark wanted to make up for it with the unusual engagement ring and proposal. Whilst in Catania, Sicily, they went for a stroll in Garden Bellini. It is the oldest park in the city, filled with beautiful plants and flowers. He found the perfect spot to propose, in front of flowers displaying the day’s date.

Diamond unusual creative engagement ring bespoke jewellery London


Want your own unusual engagement ring?

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April 15, 2020