off the bench handmade jewellery

Off The Bench
Our 'Off The Bench' collection celebrates Maya Magal's love for handmade craftsmanship. We feature one-of-a-kind pieces straight from the bench that you won't find anywhere else.
We often launch these solid gold pieces into our stores exclusively. But now we have a dedicated section of the website where we will add these pieces to buy directly online. Or you can browse whats available before popping in to try on in person. Make sure you ring us first to find out which shop the pieces you are interested in are +44 (0)20 8016 7580. We add pieces as and when we make them so check back for new and unique pieces regularly!


jeweller at work on the bench


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If you want something event more personal get in touch with our jewellers directly. Email or call 020 7354 2945 for more details and to book a free design consultation.