Etched Collection Story & Inspiration by Maya Magal London

Our brand new Etched Collection marks an important chapter in our brand's journey. Read all about this exciting new collection, the inspiration behind the designs and how they tell the story of our jewellery's lifecycle and Maya's slow design process.

Maya's slow design process

 Handcrafting our fine jewellery collections and bespoke designs has proven to us the value of designing and manufacturing in-house. Completely owning the making of our jewellery means having total confidence in the origin of our metals and stones and more control over the quality of our pieces. No jewellery goes to waste, as any excess pieces are reworked and given a new life by our London jewellers.

We strongly believe in small, limited collections consisting of unique, timeless and versatile pieces that will stay with you for a lifetime and that emphasise ethics, craftsmanship and individuality. Quality over quantity is, after all, one of our brand's core principles!

Handmade in Islington Maya Magal Jewellery London

Handmade in the UK

That's why we're moving towards an in-house manufacture process for our everyday sterling silver collections too. To mark the start of this transition to handcrafting more and more of our collections in the UK, Maya has designed a collection that draws inspiration from the core element of the creative design process... the workshop!

Each and every one of the 7 distinctive styles in our brand new Etched Collection are handcrafted by our skilled jewellers in our Islington workshop and then launched in limited runs. Have a closer look at the pieces' texture and finish, they're inspired by the metal's rough texture before being cleaned up and polished, one of the many steps in the journey from a hand drawn sketch to a finished piece.

With our Etched Collection, we want to tell you the story of our slow design process and reveal a part of our jewellery's lifecycle.


Slow Design Process Jewellery by Maya Magal London 

 Discover the Collection

From versatile bracelets and necklaces to classic rings and earring styles with a twist, our Etched Collection is perfect for everyday wear. As with all our collections, these modern and simplistic pieces are designed to spark creativity and mix'n match with your signature pieces.

Etched Collection by Maya Magal London UK

Our Etched Collection is now online and available to shop in our three stores across London. We hope you like these pieces as much as we do, and cannot wait to see how you'll style them!

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April 08, 2021

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