Our Birthstone Charm Collection features a selection of colourful precious and semi-precious gemstones. With one dedicated to each month of the year, you can celebrate your birth month in a unique way with one of these stones. These thoughtful and meaningful birthstone charms are designed to be added to a layering chain or our charm hoop earrings. This creates a personalised look that embraces your personal story. 

Beautiful Birthstone Charm Jewellery 

Birthstone charms capture the uniqueness of a birth month by assigning a precious or semi-precious gemstone to each month of the year. Some say that the characteristics of each gem are reflected in the person who was born within that month. You can add birthstone charms to a range of jewellery including our range of delicate chain necklaces or earrings. The addition of one of these charms to a piece of jewellery allows you to express your individual style, while also adding a bold pop of colour. The vibrant tone of the gemstones is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Find your next birthstone jewellery piece with the help of Maya Magal.

Engravable Charms For Any Occasion

Create the perfect present for the ones you love by adding an engravable jewellery gift with your birthstone charm. Simply choose your motivating motto, a memorable date or the receivers initials. However you decide to make the engravable charm unique, the person who receives the gift will be able to see how much you care. We offer a selection of alphabet initials and zodiac charms that make your current pieces unique and we also provide a bespoke design process for those looking for an extra special gift. Discovering your next contemporary charm is easy with Maya Magal.

About Maya Magal

Maya Magal is a modern jewellery brand that beautifully crafts each piece by hand, including our birthstone charms. Our skilled artisan team applies traditional techniques to achieve designs that are suitable for any occasion. From our collection of bracelets and rings, to our men’s collection and ear cuffs. We are sure to have a piece that everyone will adore!