Can you wear jewellery every day, from the office to the gym, from shower to bed? It depends on what metal your jewellery is made of.

You want to wear your favourite necklaces and other pieces without worrying about them getting discoloured and worn, we hear you! While it’s good practice to take your jewellery off before hands-on activities, some metals are more resistant than others, meaning you can wear your jewellery all day long.

Due to its composition, solid gold is one of the best materials to wear all day long :
- Solid gold is one of the least reactive metals; it won't discolour or oxidise like brass or silver jewellery. This means you can wear it whilst in the shower or working out and it will not lose its beautiful colour or tarnish.

- Solid gold is also a great hypoallergenic option. It is made of pure gold combined with other alloys, which reduces the chances of allergic reactions.

Solid gold single stud earrings, Solid gold evergreen ring, Solid gold tiny diamond stud earrings

Here at Maya Magal our solid gold collection is made in 9ct and 18ct gold and is full of minimal, everyday pieces that you can live in.
Our minimal solid gold styles are perfect for everyday wear, especially for workouts. There are fewer chances of it getting caught on your way up from your downward dog. Our collection includes delicate necklaces and bracelets, dainty hoops and stud earrings that won't dangle in the way while you get those jumping jacks in, and a range of beautiful rings, with or without precious gemstones.  

 Solid gold bubble necklace, Solid gold faceted stud earrings, Solid gold organic heavy ring

A few things to keep in mind:
- Consider what activity you're doing when you're wearing your ring stack too. If you're joining a boxing class we don't recommend wearing any ring, regardless of what metal they're made of.
- Be careful when swimming with your jewellery on, both in the pool and in the sea. Chemicals, like chlorine, sea salt can damage your jewellery, even your solid gold piece. 

- Unlike solid gold, gold plated jewellery and sterling silver jewellery can tarnish if exposed to water and sweat. Showering or working out while wearing silver and gold plated jewellery is not recommended.

Here's our jewellery care guide with all the information you need to keep your silver and gold plated jewellery looking its best. Whether yellow, white or rose, solid gold makes for the best metal for pieces of jewellery to keep on all day, every day.


January 19, 2021

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