maya magal london handcrafted solid gold lab grown diamond engagement ring

What are lab grown diamonds and how do they differ from natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds, meaning they have the same chemical and physical structures. They also hold the same optical properties as natural diamonds, meaning they cannot be told apart by the naked eye.  

Sometimes referred to as engineered or man-made diamonds, lab grown diamonds are created in laboratory environments which duplicate the conditions under which real diamonds are formed beneath the earth’s crust. However, this process is much quicker, taking just a few weeks or months compared to the millions of years it can take for natural diamonds to form. 

Lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are both carbon crystals, distinguishing them from diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, which may look similar but don’t hold the same chemical and physical properties as true diamonds.


What is the history of lab grown diamonds?

The process of creating diamonds in a laboratory was first discovered in the early 1950s. At this time, man-made diamonds were small and of poor quality, made for industrial use. As the process was refined and technology improved, the increased quality and size of lab grown diamonds meant they could be used in jewellery and engagement rings. Today, high quality lab grown diamonds can be produced in a variety of sizes, colours, and clarity, essentially making them identical to natural diamonds.


Are lab grown diamonds sustainable?

Lab grown diamonds are often considered more sustainable than natural diamonds, as they have no mining impact and are always 100% traceable in regards to their origin. However, it is important to consider that a vast amount of energy must be used to generate the kind of heat and pressure required to create a diamond in a laboratory. 

For this reason, we work with lab grown diamonds created by the Diamond Foundry in California. Pioneers in the latest diamond growing science, they use renewable hydroelectric energy sources to create their carbon neutral diamonds.


Why choose a lab grown diamond engagement ring?

maya magal london handcrafted solid gold lab grown diamond engagement ring

There are many reasons why you may consider a lab grown diamond engagement ring. An important benefit is their unique traceability. Choosing a lab grown diamond you can ensure that it did not originate from a source that does not meet ethical trading standards. Additionally, lab grown diamonds are guaranteed not to be involved in conflict in less economically developed areas of the world. 

Another benefit to lab grown diamonds is their price. Lab grown diamonds, especially larger ones, are far more accessibly priced than natural diamonds, often with higher quality colour and clarity included.


Diamond jewellery at Maya Magal

maya magal london handcrafted solid gold and lab grown diamond engagement

At Maya Magal we work only with ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamonds, whether they are lab-grown or natural. Our natural diamonds are certified by international schemes such as the Kimberly process, which works to increase transparency in the diamond supply chain in order to eliminate conflict diamonds. We also work with unique recycled diamonds to give them a new life with no additional mining impact. These diamonds are sourced from local craftspeople and family run businesses. Our diamond jewellery is then handcrafted with recycled solid gold in our zero-waste London ateliers

Learn more about our sustainability journey or discover our diamond jewellery collection.


Explore our One of a Kind Rings or discover our Bespoke Service

maya magal london handcrafted solid gold and lab grown diamond engagement ring

Our lab grown and natural diamonds are featured across our One of a Kind Rings, which are handcrafted in our London ateliers with recycled solid gold and a variety of hand-selected gemstones. Each diamond creation is ideal as a unique engagement ring. 

If you don’t find your perfect match in our collection, our bespoke design service may be the perfect choice for you. Our studio design manager Nathan and our skilled jewellers will bring your vision to life and help you source the ultimate lab grown diamond for your dream engagement ring. Book a complimentary consultation to get started.

March 24, 2023

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