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Our guide to finding wedding jewellery is designed to help you find the perfect pieces to complete your bridal look. Bridal jewellery is often deeply meaningful, and we love that the pieces chosen for your wedding day can be worn and loved for years to come as a reminder of your special day. Passed along to future generations, our bridal jewellery is designed to be cherished as modern family heirlooms. With this in mind, our jewellery is handcrafted to last a lifetime. Discover contemporary yet timeless jewellery to add a little extra sparkle to your big day.

How to Choose Wedding Jewellery for Brides

maya magal london handcrafted solid gold pearl wedding jewellery

While many brides focus on the wedding dress, for us, the jewellery is equally as important. We believe in choosing classic pieces to love for years beyond the wedding. However, with the special day in mind we have a few recommendations on choosing the perfect jewellery to compliment the dress.

The neckline of your dress

If you choose to wear a necklace, the neckline of your dress may play a part in your choice. For example, we love a simple pendant necklace or a delicate pearl choker for lower cut dresses. If your dress has a higher neckline, this can be complimented with a pair of statement earrings instead.

The colours of your wedding

Choosing jewellery to compliment your flowers or your bridesmaids dresses can be a subtle way to tie everything together. Discover our collection of vibrant conflict-free gemstones set in solid gold to find your perfect colour match.

Something blue

A classic wedding tradition is to wear something blue. Our sapphire jewellery collection is a delicate way to nod to something blue. Alternatively, if you have your own heirloom gemstone you want to give a new life, our Bespoke Design Service could be the perfect way to bring your vision to life just in time for the big day.

Wedding Jewellery for Brides in Sterling Silver, Solid Gold and More

Choosing your preferred metal is a great first step in finding your wedding jewellery. Whatever you prefer, we handcraft our jewellery with recycled sterling silver and recycled solid gold. We recommend choosing your jewellery to compliment pieces you already own, making your new pieces easy to incorporate into your jewellery box after the big day. If you love both gold and silver equally, explore our collection of signature mixed metal jewellery as a finishing touch to your bridal look.

Personalised Wedding Jewellery for Brides

maya magal london handcrafted solid gold personalised jewellery

Choosing personalised jewellery for your wedding day is a beautiful way to honour your partner and your relationship. Create a unique necklace by adding a combination of both your birthstones to a dainty solid gold chain or discover our complimentary engraving service to add a meaningful date, quote, or initial to any piece in our engravable collection

Perhaps the most meaningful of all jewellery on your wedding day are the wedding rings. Discover our collection of both classic and contemporary rings online and in-store or for something truly special book our private Wedding Ring Workshop to create your own solid gold wedding bands. A great way to spend quality time with your partner while handcrafting a completely unique set of rings.

Wedding Jewellery Sets for Brides

Choosing a selection of matching jewellery is a perfect way to complete your bridal look. For a minimalist bride, this can be achieved by matching a simple solid gold layering necklace with a coordinating chain bracelet. For a more classic choice we recommend our pearl or diamond jewellery, while for a more contemporary bride we suggest matching our solid gold white sapphire earrings and choker.


Timeless wedding jewellery

To make your choice a little easier, we curated a selection of our favourite wedding jewellery to give you a little inspiration. Just as with all our designs, this collection puts the focus on timelessness as our jewellery is made to last a lifetime.

Sustainable Wedding Jewellery for Brides

Our jewellery is handcrafted in limited quantities in our zero-waste London jewellery workshops, allowing us to create jewellery in accurate quantities, avoiding over-production and waste. We use recycled solid gold and sterling silver along with conflict-free gemstones as part of our commitment to sustainability. Any past designs that no longer adhere to our sustainability standards can now be found in our Archive, our way to depart from the old by making way for the new. This is just a small part of our journey towards a more sustainable future. Discover our limited creative collections, one of a kind rings, and our bespoke design service online or in-store. 


December 22, 2022

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