We are so happy with this cluster style ring for Rob & Heather's engagement! 💍 A beautiful 18ct white gold ring set with a mixture of morganites and diamond in different shades to create a perfectly imperfect mix. We caught up with the couple after #shesaidyes...

diamond cluster ring

❤️ How did you meet?
Heather: We met at university, in our first seminar (our first conversation was an argument!) We're both passionate people and after a few months of flirting we went on our first date.

diamond cluster ring

❤️ Tell us a little something about the proposal...

Rob: I was going to wait till Christmas to propose, but then once I had the ring I couldn't wait... I researched this spot in West San Francisco called Land's End. It's out of the way but there are some really nice small beaches. We trekked down this steep slope to the beach, I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to get back! Once we got there we both realised it was the first time either of us had seen the Pacific. I kind of jumped off the rock and onto one knee (not the pinnacle of grace). H: I had no idea Rob was planning to propose! It's quite frightening how quiet he was able to keep it, he carried the ring the whole trip without me knowing! I work in events so I've planned and seen countless proposals and weddings - I think Rob knew that I would want some thing personal, low key but special to both of us. He found a beautiful spot, it was private and intimate. At first I didn't realise he was handing me a ring box- I thought it was a chocolate! But then he hopped down onto one knee!

engaged couple

❤️ What inspired the design for your ring?
R: I did a lot of research, I followed so many hashtags and influencers on instagram. I wanted something different, I ended up describing it as 'not perfect'. That lead me towards more asymmetrical designs and with organic influences. I followed Maya's instagram and liked a lot of the bespoke designs so contacted them about brining my ideas to reality.

H: I also like that Maya Magal is small, personal and unique business that nurtures artisans. They also use ethically sourced stones which is really important to us.

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April 15, 2020