When a classic engagement ring just isn't your style... Read Ben & Nita's 'Ring Story'. The blue swiss topaz & diamond ring - a vintage style with a  modern twist 💍...
vintage with a twist engagement ring
❤️ How did you both meet?
💬 Ben and I met for the first time during a party at university - I was attending and he was the photographer! I remember that I turned to my best friend (soon to be my man of honour) and said “The photographer is very handsome! Maybe I should go speak to him?”. But when I approached Ben with a wide smile, I got the biggest cold shoulder of my dating career. Three years later, I guess I had the better laugh! My attempt at the party was unsuccessful, but we eventually found our way back to each other after we reconnected online.
blue stone
❤️ Tell us a little something about the proposal…
💬 He did it on stage! Ben used to act every year in his Clinical school pantomime - so seeing it had become quite routine. This year, he began working as a doctor and didn’t have the time to take part (or so I thought). During the intermission, they did a bit of “audience torture" and called us both on stage. I had absolutely no idea what was going on until the orchestra started playing my favourite song, and the tears came flooding in. It took him 5+ months to plan all this.
blue Swiss topaz engagement ring
❤️ What inspired the design for your ring?
💬 Being the pathological planner I am, I began planning my dream wedding (and my dream ring) a while ago. With a copious amount of Pinterest pictures in my “engagement ring ideas” folder, Ben had a lot to work with! I wanted something classic, but not a diamond ring. I suppose that, If I had to describe it in a few words, I would say it was “vintage with a modern twist”.
engaged couple
❤️ How was your experience designing your ring together with the Maya Magal team?
💬 Ben had a great experience - he felt supported and listened to by the team. The most important thing for him was to find people he could truly trust in and who could deliver a great quality, bespoke engagement ring. He found all that with you. Thank you for the role you played in the happiest day of our lives so far!


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April 16, 2020