We have made it our mission to bring you timeless collections that will stay with you for a lifetime,  emphasising individuality and local craftsmanship.  Quality over quantity is one of our business' core values, and we strongly believe jewellery shouldn't cost the earth. 
That's why we've made a promise to ourselves to continuously look for new ways to improve. Minimising waste as much as we can and choosing high quality, durable and eco-friendly materials to work with are a huge part of this. This is only the start of our journey towards a more sustainable future, and we're committed to keep learning, every day.

responsibly sourced silver jewellery maya magal

Responsibly Sourced Silver & Gold Plated Jewellery

At the moment, our silver jewellery is handcrafted using responsibly sourced 925 sterling silver and 18ct gold plate. We've made a commitment to produce our jewellery in the most sustainable and eco-friendly way possible, which is why we're moving towards a full in-house production.

The launch of our Etched Collection and Pearl Collection marks an important (and very exciting!) chapter in our sustainable journey, being the first silver collections that were entirely handmade in our very own London workshops using 100% recycled materials.

100% recycled gold jewellery maya magal london uk

100% Recycled Gold Jewellery

Did you know our fine jewellery collections, including our one-off rings and bespoke designs, are entirely handmade in our very own London workshops? Our small team of skilled jewellers use 100% recycled gold to craft these beautiful designs. We care about the planet as much as we care about our customers, so we want to offer you pieces that will last a lifetime in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Any off-cuts and scraps of gold or precious metals are recycled by our jewellers, to ensure no jewellery ever goes to waste.


responsibly sourced conflict free grey diamonds by maya magal london uk 

Responsibly Sourced & Conflict Free Diamonds


Each individual piece of Maya Magal jewellery tells the story of our jewellery's lifecycle: who made it, where does it come from, what's the meaning behind it. Whether used for a one-off grey diamond ring or a beautifully unique bespoke design, we offer you diamonds that are responsibly sourced, conflict free and fully traceable.
Our founder Maya hand-picks our diamonds and sources these with both environmental and fair living rights taken into account. We work closely with trusted suppliers, family run businesses and local craftsmen based in the UK who not only have years of experience but also share our ethical and environmental values. This means that every diamond we work with adheres to the Kimberley process, so it is conflict free and can be traced from the mine to the point of cutting. As all our grey diamond rings are certified, we can provide you with a certification document upon request.