Our Sustainable Journey

From the very start, it has been our mission to strive for a change by bringing you timeless collections that will stay with you for a lifetime, emphasising individuality and local craftsmanship. Quality over quantity is one of our business' core values, and we strongly believe jewellery shouldn't cost the earth.

We've made a promise to ourselves to continuously look for new ways to do better as a small business. Minimising waste as much as we can and choosing high quality, durable and eco-friendly materials to work with are a huge part of this. This is only the start of our journey towards a more sustainable future, we strive to keep learning, every day.


Our workshops based in Islington and King's Cross are the beating heart of Maya Magal, and we're very proud to be able to show you how and where your jewellery is made while browsing our collections. After our team has sourced the stones and metal that will be used to handcraft your unique piece, our talented and experienced Bespoke Jeweller Yasmin starts working on your design.

Handcrafting our bespoke designs in our very own workshop means we don't have to rely on international shipping, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to do thorough quality checks throughout different stages of the process.

100% Recycled Gold

Our bespoke commissions are designed to be worn and loved for a lifetime and eventually be passed down to a next generation, so we mindfully choose and source the materials we work with. Our Bespoke Jeweller Yasmin uses 100% recycled gold to craft your piece, and any off-cuts and scraps of gold or precious metals are recycled by our jewellers and used for a future design, to ensure no jewellery ever goes to waste.


Customers often come to us for modern, unique and somewhat different designs featuring unusual stones, like our beloved grey diamond rings. Each and every one of the diamonds we use is responsibly sourced, conflict free and fully traceable.

Our founder Maya hand-picks our diamonds and sources these with both environmental and fair living rights taken into account. We work closely with trusted suppliers, family run businesses and local craftsmen who not only have years of experience but also share our ethical and ecological values. This means that every diamond we work with adheres to the Kimberley process, so it is conflict free and can be traced from the mine to the point of cutting. As all our grey diamond rings are certified, we can provide you with a certification document upon request.

Repurposing jewellery

We love giving new life to unworn family heirlooms and vintage jewellery. We can melt the metal of your jewellery and use the gold to redesign and transform it into a piece that perfectly suits your taste. Previous bespoke customers have also trusted us with their inherited loose diamonds and gemstones, which we can re-use to create a piece unique to you.

Reusing what you already possess, whether that's precious metals or an inherited, antique stone, reduces the demand for new metals and therefore the carbon footprint.

Start your bespoke journey today

We would love to turn your dream design into a beautifully handcrafted piece unique to you! Find more information about the MM Bespoke Journey here, or have a look at our past bespoke commissions to find get inspired...