September's birthstone

September’s birthstone is one of the most coveted and desirable gemstones used in jewellery. With historical links to royalty and an impressive variety in colour scale, the Sapphire is without a doubt one of nature’s finest gemstones.



What is the meaning of Sapphire gemstones?

Sapphires have long been associated with royalty, sincerity, and loyalty. According to tradition, sapphire is the wisdom stone, fostering clarity and depth of intellect while boosting creativity and focus. It is also referred to as the stone of young love and is said to be effective in fostering commitment and faithfulness.

Sapphires rank just below a diamond on the Moh hardness scale, making them a popular engagement ring choice due to their durability. One of the most iconic sapphire engagement rings in existence, belonging to Princess Diana, boosted the gemstone’s popularity during the late 80’s, deepening its ties to royalty and romantic commitment.


What are the characteristics of Sapphires?

Sapphires come in an array of colours ranging from well known deep blue hues to sunshine yellows and even pale lavenders.  Sapphires are the most valuable blue coloured gemstone in the world, sought after due to the depth and range of their colour and also their hardness, which is second only to that of diamonds - the most durable gemstone on earth.


Sapphire gifts

Celebrate a September birthday with Sapphire jewellery. Discover our Birthstone Collection for meaningful sapphire gifts like the Heirloom Adjustable Sapphire Ring.

Looking for "something blue" to wear on your wedding day? Our Blue Sapphire Princess Cut Stud Earrings are a timeless ceremonial choice.




Our Sapphires

We are proud to be able to carefully select our suppliers, working with family-run firms and local artisans. Our founder Maya and our studio design manager Nathan, sustainably source all of our sapphire gemstones, handpicking each stone individually and making sure they adhere to international laws like the Kimberley Process.

Heirloom Collection

Inspired by traditional heirlooms passed down through generations, our Heirloom Collection is handcrafted in solid gold and features sustainably sourced diamonds, sapphires, and or emeralds. Fine solid gold rings, like the Heirloom Half Eternity Sapphire Ring, and playful hoop earrings, like the Heirloom Hexagon Sapphire Hoop Earrings, make up a timeless collection of treasured pieces.

Birthstone Jewellery

Our Birthstone Jewellery Collection is full of sentimental pieces to define your own distinctive style. Our birthstone collection is perfect for gifting. From birthstone charms, to necklaces and bracelets featuring personal gemstones, each one representing a different month of the year.

One-of-a-kind Rings

Our skilled jewellers handcraft each one-of-a-kind ring in our Islington workshop. Using exclusively recycled 9ct solid gold and ethically sourced gemstones, each one is totally unique, like the pale blue sapphire in the Solid Gold Helena 0.75ct Sapphire Ring. Find a distinctive one of a kind piece like our Helena 0.75ct Sapphire Ring - the perfect proposal ring.



September 16, 2022

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