We recently launched our first ever ring-only collection and we’ve had SO much love for it. However, the question we get asked most is: how to figure our your ring size. It’s quite common not to know your size so we are here to help figure it out!

Below we’ve compiled a few ways to measure your ring size from home. The most accurate way is always to ask a professional jeweller to measure your fingers. You can pop into any of our stores for a free ring sizing and try some rings on in person too!

Order a ring sizer:

We sell a ring sizer for £0.50 which is super easy to use, comes with instructions and confirms the size.

Here are some tips to make your ring size measurement more accurate:
- After sliding the ring sizer on, make sure it slides off fairly easily over the knuckle.
-Don't measure cold fingers. This is when fingers are their smallest

-For the most accurate reading, measure the finger at the end of the day when the finger is the largest

Download our Ring Sizing Guide 
Download or print our ring size guide. Just place a ring over the circles matching the inner diameter to find out the size.

Make sure the guide is displayed at 100% document size.

String method:
1. Use a piece of string or strip of thin paper no wider than 1.4 cm
2. Wrap it around the bottom of your finger
3. Use a pen to mark the point on the string/paper where it joins
4. With a ruler measure the length of the string/paper to the pen mark

5. Use the chart below to find your UK ring size:

*Top tip: the string should be snug but not tight and don’t measure it when you’re cold as your finger width will be about half a size smaller.

Measure against a ring that you already own.

You can measure your ring size using a ring you already have and fits you. Print out a true-to-size ring size chart, like this one, and place your ring on the circles until you find the one that matches up with the inside circumference of your ring.

Download an app.
There are lots of free apps that you can download and help you find your ring size.

Here are some options to try.

I know my ring size in a different country...
We use alphabet sizes for our rings, as most jewellers do in the UK. Sizing in different countries can be different though. Here is a handy guide in case you know our size in other countries' sizing system: 
Sizing up or down?

The difference between ring sizes is super small so it means you can usually fit a couple of sizes comfortably. For that reason we skip a size and generally do sizes J, L, N, P, R. If you are in between sizes go up a size if purchasing a chunky band ring and go down a size for a more delicate style as it will feel looser.

What if I can’t find my size?

If your size is smaller or bigger than the ones we do get in touch as we might be able to resize some designs for you. All solid gold pieces can be made to order in any size!

Still struggling? Get in touch

Shop all stacking rings now or browse our adjustable ring sizes.

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