You can measure your ring size at home using a few different methods. Some are more accurate than others, but we would always recommend coming in to a jeweller to be properly measured. We offer a free ring sizing in store, but we know that might not always be possible. Below we have listed a few ways to measure your ring size yourself, from the comfort of your own home.

When is it best to measure your ring size?

The best time to measure your finger for your size is in the evening. After a whole day, your fingers will be at their largest. Fingers change throughout the day and it’s best to use the largest measurement. Don’t measure cold fingers, at this point they can be at least half a size too small. We recommend sizing your fingers a few times to make sure your ring size measurement is as accurate as possible.

How should my ring fit?

Your ring should be snug enough to not fall off, but not too tight. A ring should slide over the knuckle with some resistance. You should be able to take it off fairly easily but it shouldn’t fall off your finger.

The difference between ring sizes is fairly small, so you will probably fit a few sizes comfortably. If you are in between sizes, then it depends what kind of ring you are looking for, as to whether you go up or down a ring size. If the ring you want has a broader band, go up a size because it will be more snug. For thin, delicate rings, go down a size because it will feel looser. 

Find your ring size using a Ring Sizer 

We sell a ring sizer for just 50p. It is really easy to use, with all the sizes on the sizer itself. Simply place the ring sizer over your finger at the end of the day. Then pull the sizer until it fits snugly on your finger without being too tight. Once you have done that, make sure you can still slide the sizer over your knuckle.

Find your ring size using a ring you already have

If you have a ring you already own, then you can use that to find your ring size. You can download and print this ring sizing guide at 100% size. Then just place your ring over the circles on the guide and match the inside of the ring to the circles.

If you’re looking to match someone else’s ring size, then you can always use one of their rings. In case they might notice a ring missing, you can use their ring quickly to draw a circle of the inside of the ring on some paper. Then you can try to match that with the sizing guide by cutting out that circle you’ve drawn as neatly as possible. If it’s for an engagement ring finger, choose a ring worn on the middle finger and then prepare to go a few sizes down.

Find your ring size with the string method

You can use this method to wrap something around your finger and then measure where it met on a ruler. 

Take some string or a piece of paper no wider than 1.4 cm. Wrap it around your finger and mark with a pen where one end of the string or paper meets the other. Make sure you don’t stretch what it is you are using. If you do, your ring size will be bigger than it should. Once you have done that, you can line the string or paper against a ruler and read off the measurement. Then using this chart, you can match your measurement to a ring size.

Find your ring size using an app

There are free apps available that you can download to help you find your ring size. Here are a few

Find your ring size in a different country

Different countries may use different ways of noting your ring size. In the UK we use an alphabet sizing system. If you know your ring size in a different country, you can cross reference it with a handy guide to check what that size is in a different country.

What if i can’t find my ring size?

Because ring sizes are so small in difference, at Maya Magal, we generally skip a size and do sizes J, L, N, P, R. If your size is different to the ones we do, then we might be able to resize some designs for you. All solid gold pieces can be made to order in any size. 

We also offer handmade adjustable rings that can shape to fit your ring size.

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I know my ring size, what’s next?

Once you know your ring size, the next step is the fun part: finding your perfect ring! 
You can shop our collection of rings and find your perfect, individual ring. Check out more information about our mens rings and promise rings here.

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Want something more special? You can try our bespoke experience to find a one of a kind ring. Just get in touch and try our free consultation to get started. 

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November 04, 2020

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