We asked M&P about their process of designing a gold engagement ring with Maya Magal. We love how unique this gold ring is, and loved being able to create this piece of personalised jewellery with the couple.

With every bespoke, personalised jewellery experience at Maya Magal, we like to make sure we capture the individual personality of the client. We like to know as much as we can about the wearer, so we can make sure the ring has an individual, unique feel to it. A bespoke piece of personalised jewellery, after all, must be one of a kind.

💍 The Ring
bespoke engagement ring

This is a gold ring with a beautiful geometric white diamond set on a delicate solid gold band. This is one of those real gold rings with a really special design.

The diamond is a hexagonal shape with slightly uneven sides. It has been set using the bezel setting and set onto the gold ring on one side to highlight the unsymmetrical charm of this stone. 

The hexagonal diamond is a totally unique shape in itself, even when all sides are of equal length. It offers geometric lines and a modern aesthetic to any piece of jewellery. Hexagonal diamonds possess an internal facet structure. This can be found in a very similar way in round or cushion shape diamonds. The facet arrangement will result in a sparkling effect, which this gold ring definitely does.

The bezel setting sees the stone encased in a thin metal rim custom-made to hold it in place. The bezel setting provides protection for the centre diamond and will give all kinds of real gold rings a sleek, modern appearance. There is a small rim of metal visible around the diamond, which adds a pop of gold to the sparkle within the diamond. We think the bezel setting is a great way to add a modern edge to a piece of personalised jewellery. It’s also a very secure way of making sure this one-of-a-kind diamond doesn’t go anywhere!

What inspired the ring design?

“Philip and I are both architects and we were looking for a diamond setting that was unusual and with a strong geometrical appearance.” 

The couple wanted to challenge the conventionally symmetrical diamond shape with a stone that “cantilevers” to one side. They love the design and execution of their gold ring. 

“I don't think we have ever seen a ring that is both so beautifully delicate and at the same time has a very modern edge to it.”

We love this gold ring that M&P designed with us. The diamond shape is so special, and we enjoyed helping to design such an individual piece of personalised jewellery to accompany the next step in their life together. Individual jewellery is what we do, and this has to be one of our most unique bespoke commissions. Thank you to M&P for allowing us to help you make this dream a reality, and showing us real gold rings can be designed in so many different ways.

geometric diamond engagement ring

What was the bespoke experience like?

“We carefully chose Maya Magal as we love the style and jewellery design.”

Being architects, M&P wanted to understand all the design steps of the process and be a real part of each step. 

“We couldn't be happier with the design and the craftsmanship.”

It is so lovely to hear how happy a couple are with the design of their bespoke piece - both the overall experience and the final gold ring. We love being able to provide this bespoke, personalised jewellery service to our clients, and help couples find the perfect accompaniment to the next step in their love!

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April 15, 2020