At Maya Magal, we specialise in bespoke jewellery, handmade jewellery and personalised jewellery and are based in London. We are proud to provide real gold rings and handmade rings for any milestone or occasion.

We wanted to share this bespoke kite shaped diamond ring we created with a client to give them an individual and unique piece of jewellery. This is one of our favourite engagement rings we’ve designed. We love a creative gold ring design mixed with unusual cut diamonds!

With every bespoke experience at Maya Magal, we like to make sure we capture the individual personality of the client. We like to know as much as we can about the wearer, so we can make sure the ring has a personalised, unique feel to it. A bespoke piece of jewellery, after all, must be one of a kind.

The Ring

This beautiful kite shaped diamond ring was handmade in our London workshop. The ring boasts two pear cut white diamonds, set in a wide, 18ct yellow gold ring.

"I tried to create a modern take on Art Deco, with pear cut stones back to back to represent the strength of our relationship. The softer sides bonding together and the sharp sides protecting one another."

The ring in more detail

The pear cut diamond was created in the 1400s, but the shape is still just as popular today. It was made to be worn with the narrow end pointing up the arm of the wearer, but for this kite shaped diamond ring, that doesn’t matter! 

The pear diamond shape has a similar facet structure to round diamonds, which means it still has all that brilliance and fire that makes a diamond sparkle.

The diamonds are set with 3 prongs onto a delicate kite-shaped piece of gold upon the gold ring. Forming a beautifully geometric effect of mixing shapes on the gold ring. This means the diamonds are set against a shiny gold ring and this has the effect of an added shimmer to the ring. 

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We love how individual this handmade gold ring is, and loved getting to come up with a truly unique design for our client.

How was The Bespoke Experience?

"I really enjoyed working with Nathan, he was a dream to work with, understanding of my concerns and ultimately Nathan and the team made my vision become reality. I would definitely recommend working with Maya Magal."

We loved working on this handmade jewellery with our client too! We always strive to achieve a truly harmonious design process to make sure the client enjoys every step of the bespoke experience, from design to the final product.

Want your own bespoke jewellery?

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September 11, 2020