One of our goals as a brand was to create a strong network of like-minded women who supported each other and inspired us personally. It has been such a great pleasure working with the wonderful Sophie, Natalie, Amy, Rachel and Charlotte - all of whom we are so grateful for being champions to our message. 

The MMCollective Collaboration highlights five career women in the fashion industry who have been true inspirations to our brand and our dedication to offer everyday luxury to anyone, on any occasion. 

Each piece in this collection draws relevance from the everyday woman, taking into consideration the versatility and functionality in their designs. Our collaborations sought to incorporate a sense of their personalities into their pieces - something we trust will resonate with many of you. 

It is our hope that you will feel a sense of comfort, individuality and uniqueness whilst wearing your ring. 

The Women


S O P H I E   W A R B U R T O N  -  Style Director, The Telegraph 

Sophie has been at the forefront of many style innovations over the years, offering invaluable insight to the latest fashion trends and leading one of the most successful style publications in the industry. As an avid lover of Russian wedding rings, her design specifically highlights three interlocking bands with an emphasis on randomly set black spinel stones. The ring has been designed primarily to be worn on the pinky finger, complementing other forever pieces in any collection.


N A T A L I E   H A M M O N D   -  Junior Fashion Writer, The Times

Natalie has been with The Times for over 3 years, offering countless fun, educational and incredibly unique content to over 7 million monthly readers. An immensely passionate and caring individual, it was Natalie's goal to design something that a woman might almost forget was on her finger. Its simplistic design features linear posts and black spinel stones set strategically along the body of the ring, creating an elongating and minimalist silhouette. 


A M Y   H A N S O N - B E V A N  -  Fashion Stylist 

Amy works as a freelance fashion stylist and has been on amazing amazing campaigns such as the Alexa Chung x Nails Inc campaign, styling night shoots in the Harry Potter studios and jetting off to Cannes with Helen Mirren. An unapologetically colourful and inspired woman, Amy based her design off of numerology, astrology and letter motifs. The ring features 7 Peridot stones on a 'V' dipped shape, making it a perfect match for any existing stack. 


R A C H E L   B A K E W E L L  -  Fashion Stylist and Contributing Editor at Grazia UK 

A dreamer and creative genius, Rachel works as a freelance fashion stylist and serves as a Contributing Editor at Grazia UK. She has been known to style major celebrities including Poppy Delevigne, Emma Watson and David Gandy. Deeply fascinated by the mystique and the Moon & Stars, the design features a Moonstone surrounded by White Topaz stones to compliment that motif. 


C H A R L O T T E   D A V E Y  -  Junior Fashion & Jewellery Editor, Harper's Bazaar 

One of the masterminds behind Harper's Bazaar's Fashion & Jewellery department, Charlotte has offered some of the most fashion forward articles to the publication. Always sporting the latest trends, Charlotte hoped to create a design that can withstand the test of time and become a classic in any woman's wardrobe. A 'triptych' design highlights asymmetrical features with contrasting stones on either side.