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Moonstone / June Charm 

Although November can at times feel like a long and grey countdown towards Christmas,  we have some incredible new designs that are bound to make this month a whole lot more exciting! 

Featuring a selection of 12 semi-precious and precious stones, our latest 'Drop Collection' has an ensemble of modern charms designed to be easily interchangeable and super versatile depending on your personal taste. 


Handpick your own design and colour, or uncover the hidden meaning behind the gem to find your own personal fit depending on your month of birth. These semi-precious and precious stones have throughout history held hidden meanings and properties that have been associated to each individual month of the year. Each of these hidden properties are said to influence its wearer with various different motivating characteristics.


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Garnet - January - confidence, strong will, long lasting commitment

Amethyst - February - balance, calmness, focus

Aquamarine - March -  happiness, tranquility 

Diamond - April - eternal love 

Emerald - May - vitality, radiance

Moonstone - June - inner strength, inspiration

Ruby - July - passion, success, wealth, wisdom

Peridot - August - happiness, confidence, growth, stress reliever]

Sapphire - September - trust, loyalty

Opal - October - creativity (might take on other gem properties depending on colours of the stone itself)

Citrine - November - happiness, prosperity, self-esteem

Turquoise - December - healing, dispels negative energy, happiness, empathy, wisdom

birthstones charm charms necklace pendant jewellery luxury gems stones semi precious Maya Magal London


Beautifully handmade in Sterling Silver, the charms have also been finished with a high shine polish.

Discover the entire collection here.

Put a beautiful stone on your Wishlist, gift a special someone, or treat yourself - just because. 


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