Our solid gold collection is a celebration of handmade craftsmanship, a core value at Maya Magal. Each solid gold piece is designed by Maya and crafted by our talented jewellers Jasmine and Charlotte in our Highbury and Islington workshop.
What makes our One-off pieces even more special is their uniqueness, from design to stone. When creativity is sparked or we come across an interesting stone, Maya designs these beautifully modern pieces and Charlotte and Jasmine bring them to life. Then fresh from the jewellery bench, we put them in the shop and online store. Once the piece is sold, it won't come back! 
Look for the One-off piece sign
We make rings in a size N, the most popular with our customers, but we are very happy to offer complimentary resizing for these pieces. Browse our solid gold collection to see what One-off designs are currently available.
Can't find what you're looking for? Browse our Wedding and Engagement section or get in touch to design your own unique piece with Maya Magal.

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