Introducing the new Solid Gold collection from Maya Magal. Full of delicate, everyday pieces you can collect and treasure forever. Beautifully handmade in our local London-based workshops, every single piece was created to be mixed and matched between various complementary designs.

Gold is truly the starring element and inspiration behind the collection, which features exciting new necklaces, earrings and stackable rings to add to your jewellery box. 

solid gold collection jewellery luxury. Maya Magal London

solid gold bar bracelet Maya magal London jewellery

Solid Gold Bar Bracelet

solid gold O bracelet Maya magal jewellery London

Solid Gold O Bracelet


Adding a simple yet classic detail to the wrist, the solid gold bar bracelet reflects the minimalistic and signature aesthetic of the Maya Magal brand. For a little more sparkle, the solid gold O bracelet features 15 pavé set diamonds that are guaranteed to add a luxury feel to your outfit. 

The collection also encompasses a selection of beautifully designed studs that are guaranteed to become quick everyday favourites.

solid gold u studs earrings diamond Maya magal jewellery Solid Gold U Studs

solid gold o studs diamonds earrings Maya magal jewellery London

Solid Gold O Studs 


Solid Gold Mini D Shape Studs


Combining individual 9ct gold studs with glistening 8 pavé set diamonds, these solid gold studs are subtle pieces that will seamlessly match any outfit, additional cuff, and accessory. 


Solid gold Diamond Bar Earrings

For an additional look, the solid gold diamond bar earrings are a modern take on the classic circle stud shape, which once again feature a stunning set of diamonds that are made for the everyday walk to the office or perhaps a special occasion dinner. 


Solid Gold O Necklace 


Solid Gold Dotted Choker

Easily layered, the solid gold dotted choker and the solid gold O necklace can be paired to create your own uniquely styled look for the day ahead. Add an even longer layer with the solid gold D shape pendant with diamonds, which will complete the look. 


Solid Gold D Shape Pendant with Diamonds


To add the final must have detail, the new collection encompasses a selection of stunning rings that can seamlessly elevate your look. 

solid gold ring diamonds jewellery Maya magal London

Solid Gold O Ring

solid gold ring diamonds jewellery Maya magal London

Solid Gold Broken U Ring

solid gold ring diamonds Maya magal London

Solid Gold Diamond Bar Stacking Ring


See and shop the whole collection here, or come by one of our London-based stores. 


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