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The government has given us the green flag (yay!) and we are excited to be working towards getting our shops open. We are starting by opening our first ever shop at 193 Upper street. We have chosen to do this because it’s the most well known of our shops and we have some lovely regular customers who have been shopping with us for years there.

It’s also a residential area so we think it might be a little busier on that street. Once the first shop is back open we will work towards opening the other two shortly after.

Here are our plans so far, but please do get in touch if you have worries or suggestions!


  • We have clear signage around the shop to remind ourselves & customers to follow social distancing
  • Our team have been throughly trained to keep the shop sanitised, to give you space and to wash their hands regularly
  • If anyone on our team who has any COVID-19 symptoms they have been asked to stay home and self-isolate immediately
  • Only two customers will be allowed in the store at a time
  • Doors will be left open to increase ventilation
  • Key touch-points will be cleaned regularly and after any interaction
  • We have a hand sanitising station for you to use at the entrance of the shop
  • We have introduced a one way system around our store to make it easier to respect each others distance
  • You will be able to try jewellery on and it will be sanitised before and after. Our team will not be able to help you trying on jewellery at this time and will step away once they have passed you the pieces on a clean tray
  • We recommend contactless payment options where possible
  • We have gloves available if you would like to use them for handling jewellery

You will still be able to order online and there are a few delivery options

  • Deliver directly to your address, as usual :)
  • Contactless Collections: Select to collect in-store at check out and we'll prepare your order for you. Then we will get in touch to organise a time where you can collect the item with a contactless pickup. 
  • Jewellery take-away. You can order over the phone with us and we can have the item posted to you or opt for contactless pick up. Yum!


  • We now have the option for both digital consultations and in person 1:2:1 consultations.
  • We recommend booking a digital consultation initially to discuss your ideas and then we can book an in-person consultation next or continue digitally. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.
  • During consultations the store will be closed to other customers. This is to ensure we abide by social distancing rules and you have space to discuss your dream designs!
  • For in person consultations only the essential people should come along and maintain a 2m distance if they are not from the same household.
  • Gloves will be available to you if you'd like to use them to inspect jewellery or stones up close. Each piece will be sanitised before and after anyone handles them.

More details on our bespoke process can be found here

Any questions please do let us know!


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