As a woman, taking a seat at the table can still be pretty daunting (in the work place that is). Although we have many more rights, opportunities and aspirations that we can reach for and attain, many of us still doubt ourselves, talk ourselves out of things and beat our selves up on a regular basis. How do we, as women, manage to muster up the courage to break through the glass ceiling, take a seat at the table and seize the day like our male counterparts?

Well one tip might lie in the way that we dress. Statistics show that women who power dress, are 49% more likely to be taken seriously and paid more than women who don’t. It seems as if power dressing may be your new best friend, to help your career along.  

Power dressing: the art of dressing in a certain way, as to which holds or represent someone’s power or position in the work place.

At Maya Magal, we believe in women who want to challenge themselves: entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, young and older women trying to make it in business or in their careers - we believe in you. We also believe that our collections of jewellery can be a tool in helping you power dress at work to build and demonstrate confidence.  

Strong shouldered silhouettes, colour blocking/monochrome features and bold jewellery can all contribute to how you’re perceived in your work place.  What our designer Maya is doing, is recognising strong women in a range of industries within her collections. The Muse collection is an example of this, each ring is named after a woman that inspires; such women included are, Alexa Chung, Audrey Hepburn, Frieda Khalo and Susannah (Maya’s mum) who has inspired her in many different ways.   

Our most recent collection is in collaboration with Rachel Bakewell, who was part of our MMCollective of career women. Maya and Rachel have joined forces again to release the Ciel Collaboration, a beautiful collection of jewellery designed around you to personalise and mix and match how you like to design the look you’re aiming for.   

When power dressing have fun with it! The fun part is where we come in, accessorising with jewellery can really amp up your power, the Organic Chain link collection is perfect for making a statement in your board room meeting and portraying an abundance of confidence.   

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