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bespoke engagement ring gold and diamonds

This beautiful engagement ring was designed with our client, Phillip, at our Islington Shop. He was inspired by combining two of our Runway Ring designs and giving them a unique twist with the addition of a family heirloom diamond. Everyone in the office fell in-love with the final dreamy design! Now that he has proposed and the lovely Andreia has said yes we can share this creation with the world!

diamond bespoke engagement ring

We grabbed the couple for a short Q&A on designing their ring:

 What inspired the design for your ring?

I have passed by Maya’s Upper Street shop many times because I live in the area and have been in before to have a look at the jewellery. I have really love her designs and was inspired by the Stacking Runway Ring and the Moonstone Channel Ring. I had a diamond ring that my mother always wore when I was growing up and I wanted to give Andreia something personal to me but also contemporary in its look. With that in mind my aim was to use the diamond and have it redesigned with a new ring. I thought I could combine the ideas of the Stacking Runway Ring and the Moonstone Channel rings with the Diamond set in the middle. 

engagement ring inspirations

Did you have help / hints from Andreia for the ring design or did you have to trust your instincts?

No. She didn’t even know.

How did you propose? Was it a surprise?

We were on the beach in Porto and I gave her the ring then. She was very surprised because she didn’t expect it.

How was your experience designing your ring with the Maya Magal team?

Very positive. I met Maya and her lead designer Karolina who took on board my thoughts and design wishes. I think they loved the fact I knew what I wanted so it was a good experience for them as well. It was also lovely to know that most of the team at Maya Magal loved the final design of the ring themselves.

making bespoke engagement ring in gold and diamonds

Andreia, what were your first impression of your ring?

Its very beautiful. The ring is a wonderful design mix of being contemporary, but classic at the same time.

 engagement ring in gold and diamonds

We were so pleased to work on this beautiful ring for Philip & Andreia and so pleased they both love it!

If you're interested in creating something bespoke don't hesitate to get in touch. We can set up a free of charge chat with our jeweller about what you want and then send you a quote and a few options. From then we can source stones, metals and start designs based on what you'd like.

July 09, 2018 — Tamsin Gordon
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