The Muse Ring Collection is inspired by strong independent women.
We have launched a series of six Muse rings
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Diana Ring: Luxury and unadulterated glamour  unapologetically decadent and over-the-top wears confidence on her sleeve show-stopping approach to beauty and style.

Audrey Ring:  Her style is best described as “gamine” = a fashion style that portrays a mischievous but attractive appeal.
Grace Ring: She popularised an ‘uncluttered’ sophisticated style simple, but refined and elegant.“dress slim, uncluttered and practically adorned with chunky jewellery - except for stud earrings and one good bracelet.”
Alexa Ring: Ultimate cool girl. Over a decade later, she is still one of the most copied style icons on the planet. There’s a reason she’s won the British Fashion Awards Style Icon Award three times.

Frida Ring: Dark braids, bursts of bright flowers, eclectic jewellery, traditional embroidery, painted lips and monobrow, Frida Kahlo is not only a feminist icon, but a fashion touchstone.

Suki Ring: This one is very personal to Maya as it's inspired by her mum Susannah (aka Suki). Laid back with a touch of glam, Suki has supported Maya through thick and thin with her business and is a style icon in her own right. Shout out to Mama Suki for being such an inspiration!

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         Which one is your muse ring?



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