Whether you’re a jewellery fan or you’re just starting out with it, you usually are confronted with the question: ‘Minimal or statement pieces?’  This can often be a lot to think about and process, especially when you’ve just gathered an interest in jewellery.  Sometimes you like both, sometimes it’s one or the other and sometimes it’s neither!

Beaten Bangle, Mini Faceted End Bangle

Isn’t a jewellery taboo to mix the bold with the minimal? Isn’t less meant to be more? Well at Maya Magal, we’re all about the everyday, the stacking and the mixing and matching to creat a look (or a few) that will suit you.  

Sofia Pendant, Tiny Faceted Dot Ring, Double Faceted Ring

Our organic chain link collection might just be our boldest yet, however it’s quite minimal in terms of style and design. Matt silvers and organic, natural silhouettes make this piece more minimal than you’d think!  It might just be our most minimal STATEMENT yet!  You could also look at styling these pieces with some simple stacking rings to balance out the look however you would like and more to your personal style. 

Organic Chain-Link Necklace, Organic Light Ring

Another collection that may be looked at as minimal, yet is quite loud is our dot collection.  Small but mighty, this collection draws instant attention with its daring and dynamic design, and geometric like texture.  The pieces from this collection are perfect if you are still exploring with jewellery and want something minimal that’s dares to be bold! 


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