Meet Patchi, the Store Manager at our St Christopher's Place store and one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet! As Store Manager of one of our three shops, Patchi takes care of different things everyday, from keeping the store looking its best to giving advice to customers.
Her day starts with setting up the store to welcome our customers and checking in on updates from our other two stores. She organises then the display of new stock from our workshops, making sure that everything looks beautiful and clearly organized.
The stacking rings are always a favourite at st Christopher's place so Patchi is always refreshing our styles. It can sometimes take a while to get your stack just right so Patchi is on hand to show you lots of different options!
As we offer free engraving, Patchi can mock up a design for you and then send it to our King's Cross shop to have your charm or ring personalised as you like. 
If you are lost on where to start with jewellery, Patchi is the one to ask. We also offer complimentary jewellery styling sessions where Patchi can help you if you are not sure where to start with jewellery or want something for a special occasion. A fun experience where you can ask lots of questions without any pressure!
Something Patchi gets often asked her advice on are rings! In store our stacking rings are out to play with and our Shop Managers are always on hand for advice or inspiration. Also we have an ongoing 3 for 2 offer which makes coming in store even more worth it!
Patchi is also a jeweller-in-training so when it's quiet she hops on the bench to make some of our jewellery herself. We believe in handcrafting everyplace so you might notice that each piece is a little different and unique.
Get in touch for a complimentary styling session or simply drop by and ask questions! We want our jewellery to make you feel confident and comfortable, and we hope your experience in store reflects this mood. 
Next time you come by St Christopher's Place make sure to come in and say hello to Patchi!

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