You know you want to propose, and you know you want the ring to be beautiful but you don't know where to start. Not to worry, you are not alone!
With the help and advice of our jewellers, choosing and designing the perfect engagement ring is an exciting and rewarding experience that will turn your ideas into your dream ring.
Let's start with the first important step: choosing the perfect stone. Nathan, our Upper Street Store and Workshop Manager, is going to take us through the possible options.
Stones can be divided into the following main categories:
  • Traditional diamonds
  • Non traditional diamonds 
  • Coloured stones 

Traditional Diamonds 

White diamond bespoke engagement ring Maya Magal London
A timeless choice. High grade white Diamonds are the classic and traditional choice for an engagement ring. Simple and elegant, white Diamonds are the most popular stones when it comes to traditional engagement rings. They are also very versatile as they are well suited to everyone's skin tones and perfectly complement all metal colours too. 
Round shapes are the most traditional, however here at Maya Magal we can source other unusual and very interesting shapes, such as the ones pictured above. These ones are called trapezoids and come in many sizes.

Non traditional diamonds 

More contemporary choices are grey, champagne, and salt and pepper diamonds. Their tones range from very dark to very light, and are a great choice for a more modern ring with lots of character. The inclusions within each stone make them unique.

Coloured stones 

Coloured stones like Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Tourmalines also make for really great engagement rings. They match different skin tones or eye colours and can be also chosen as birthstones. 
Here are some examples of coloured stones engagement rings made bespoke by our jewellers.
Red Ruby and Diamond's - Kate's birthstone (read how the story of this beautiful ring here)
Sapphire and Diamonds - Amy's favourite stone (read the story of their engagement ring here)
Emerald ring
Five Emeralds Ring - More about this beauty coming soon!
Ready to start designing your engagement ring? Book an appointment with our jewellers here.
* We source all of our stones from ethical stone suppliers based in Hatton Garden, all of which are totally conflict free. The stones that we provide are certified to guarantee their quality.

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