Our Lava collection is almost sold out but, our jewellers are hard at work hand making more beautiful pieces. In the meantime here are some top tips on how to style a few of our favourites from this collection. And yes, you can pre-order your favourite pieces here and get them as soon as they are ready!
Below Shop Assistant Amelia shares her tips on how to take your basic wardrobe essentials and transform them into chic outfits that you can carry off anywhere, from the office to the cocktail bar.
1) Focus on one area of your body you want to accessorise with a statement piece of jewellery, then complement it with smaller, matching pieces elsewhere. This way your outfit will look complete, without risk of being overwhelmed by too many large items of jewellery being worn at the same time. 
2) Whilst it is important not to overload with jewellery, don’t be afraid to layer and stack necklaces and rings to further elevate your ensemble. Pair the large t-bar necklace with the more delicate triple hoop necklace, as seen on Amelia below; or perhaps you prefer to stack our collection of lava rings to create a sophisticated statement that is unique to you.
3) The beauty of wearing mixed metals is that they will almost always match with other pieces of jewellery, and can complement any complexion. Experiment by wearing your pieces together with mixed metal pieces from Maya Magal. You might be surprised by how many looks you can create pairing different pieces from your jewellery box together.
4) Style your hair to draw attention to your jewellery. It's a good idea to draw it away from your face if you are wearing our lava two-tone earrings - trust us when we say you’ll want to show these off.
5) Think about the neckline of your top or dress when choosing your jewellery. Higher necklines tend to suit a large pair of dangly earrings, whereas a v-neck lends itself to a longer necklace that follows the V shape, finishing about 2 inches before the top. Scoop or square neckline can be complemented by a simple pendant such as the one worn by Amelia below, paired with the more delicate pieces in the collection to create a minimalist look. 
At the end of the day, your jewellery is yours to wear however you desire, but if you are ever stuck, following these 5 easy styling tips should see you ending up with an elegant solution for every outfit. See more of our Lava Collection here.


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