Did you know that Rubies are July's birthstone? 

Our Shop Assistant Francesca is going to style some pieces from our Ruby collection, perfect if you're born in July and just as great if you want ruby's gorgeous vivid colour to complement your outfits!

Our ruby charms are perfect to be mixed and matched any way you like with other charms, stones, letters and, why not, some engraved pieces! You can wear them as earrings and necklaces.

 Ruby - July disc charms

Said to be representing passion, energy and zest for life, the Ruby is a perfect symbol of passionate feelings. And how passionate are you about Rubies? We believe your passion for this stone will soar when you see our Ruby piece from the Muse collection. Our Suki ring, whose design is inspired by Maya’s mum, is in our St Christopher’s Place store and sits in 18 carat solid gold. 

Come in store to create or purchase your perfect Ruby piece!



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