It’s interesting to see jewellery trends reveal themselves in the most covert yet outstanding ways.  One particular trend that has been taking the fashion world by storm is the chunky chain trend.  Spotted everywhere at New York fashion week and London fashion week, women and men alike want to make a statement with the jewellery that assists their outfits.

A popular selection here at Maya Magal is our Organic Chain Link Collection.  Our chunky necklaces and bracelets garner a lot of attention and are a great addition to your jewellery collection to help you achieve that chunky look.  

Whether you’re into gold or silver, we have the perfect piece for you. Not only that but, our smaller but still chunky drop earrings can help you achieve that look in a more subtle way! 

Our newest chain link collection, includes a more refined and linear chain compared to our organic collection which is very natural and raw in shape.

Shop the full collection here.


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