We know a lot of you (like us) are stuck at home whilst we do our best to be socially responsible. So we've come up with some challenges which we want you to get involved in to keep those creative juices flowing!

The first one is: design your own dream ring. It can be a ring for any finger, for any occasion, or no reason at all. Get the pens, pencils, crayons or paints out and sketch it for us. Don't worry we won't judge your drawing skills just your creativity :)

Every month we will pick a winner whose ring design will get hand carved by our jeweller (we also have some surprise runner up prizes). We'll share the video so you can see you ring coming to life! Then we will hand cast it in silver and polish it up to perfection for you. If it's a popular challenge we'll pick a different ring each week to win. 

Here are the instructions:
1) Design your dream ring (if you are shy about designing you can also write a description of your dream ring and we'll sketch it for you!)

Design rules - the ring design should contain no stones, so the whole design should use metal work.
2) Submit your ring by sharing it on Instagram @mayamagaljewellery and tagging us OR emailing enquiries@mayamagal.co.uk

3) Nominate two friends to get involved too - share that creative buzz far and wide!
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with...

4) Deadline: The deadline for this one is the 30th of April! Plenty of time to get sketching. You can also submit multiple designs.

Here are some of our entries from last time:



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