When it comes to proposals, we often envisage the typical scene of a man on one knee, with a sparkling diamond ring in his hands. That may be the fairytale come true for many couples, but if you prefer to step outside the box, and break convention, February 29th might be the day to do it.
This year, as you may well know, is a special one. It's a leap year, and tradition has it that February 29th is the day a woman can reverse the roles and pop the big question herself. Though this may be outdated in today’s society (we women run businesses, support themselves and make big life decisions, surely we can take a chance on the one we love and propose?), a leap year is a great excuse to take destiny into your own hands!

Though nobody knows for sure where this tradition came from, it could be explained by a 5th Century tale known as “St Bridget’s Complaint”. In this tale, St Bridget, an Irish nun, got so fed up of waiting for potential suitors to ask her hand in marriage that she took up the issue with St Patrick who then agreed to allow women to propose to a man on one day every four years (how generous!). In 13th Century they are said to have made a law that forced any man who refused a woman’s proposal on a leap year to pay a fine. In Scotland this was anything from money to a kiss, in Finland the man had to gift the woman a silk dress, and in Denmark it was 12 pairs of gloves.

Today, only around 5% of married couples are the result of a female proposing. So why not join that statistic, be it because you feel fed up of waiting, want to break tradition, or simply want to take the weight off your partner’s shoulders to find the perfect ring.

You could still propose with an engagement ring, perhaps hand making one for them during one of our workshops? 

Wax carving workshop Maya Magal London

Alternatively you could propose without a ring and then get in contact with our jewellers to design your perfect engagement ring. So go on, why not take the leap?

Not quite ready to take this step? Shop our collection while you think about it - we are sure you'll find plenty of gift to treat yourself with in the meanwhile!


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