We caught up with, Farouhar our sales assistant, about her favourite Maya Magal Pieces. Keep an eye out for her at one of our shops and remember you can also get in touch to book 1:2:1 styling questions with any of our stylists. This can be to pick jewellery for a special event or just to update your jewellery box with new pieces!
Farouhar's Picks:
A classic jewellery lover must have a perfect pair of hoops. This pair go with everything, casual day looks to evening nights out, the perfect transition from day to night. The subtle touch of gold with the small looped hoops looped through big hoop (Now that’s a tongue twister, try saying it faster ha) just adds enough drama changing it up from any plain hoops you may already own.

Loose Link Hoops Mixed Metals Silver And Gold Maya Magal London

I loveeee the stacking rings, every time I find a new combination and that’s what I love most about them, the possibilities are endless. Just moving one ring from one finger to the next or changing the position of one ring gives you a different look. With jewellery that’s what you want, the ability for every piece to provide you with multiple looks. Also the adjustable rings are a godsend for those of us who are hobbit sized and have tiny delicate hands. And secretly I think they are my favourite as it allows me channel my inner Phoebe! 

Two Tone Adjustable V Ring with Stone Maya Magal London

The brushed open bangles are the perfect balance between being simple and being a statement piece. They can be easily layered with other bracelets for the everyday easy look to be worn on its own with an evening dress, which adds gravitas. The brushed finish makes the bangle stand out, you don’t often see jewellery with such a finish, it definitely sets it apart from other bangles I own. 

Brushed Open Bangle Silver Maya Magal London

The choker is one of those jewellery pieces that can be hard to perfect. Finding the right balance of keeping it simple without letting it be ordinary, this two tone charm choker does just that. The mix of silver chain with the gold circle black spinel charm is the perfect combination. 

Two-Tone Circle Charm Choker Maya Magal London

Also the choice of the different length settings allows you to achieve the best position to compliment your neckline. 

The simplicity of the long spotlight chain reminds me of jewellery that my mother often wears. It’s a dainty piece that can be warned easily with anything either adding another dimension for a layered look or on its own keeping it minimal. 

And above all, I love how all these pieces look together, how each tone, edge, shape and stone fuse to compliment each other. 

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